Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Perfect Pair...Waiting Just For You

Gabby and Porter are special GSPs. They are adored by their family and charm everyone they meet. Gabby is actually Porter's mom, a result of an accidental breeding just prior to her being spayed. So, to say they are bonded would be an understatement.

Their family has fallen on some very hard times. Their "Dad" has bone cancer. Their mom lost her job. They lost their home, so they have moved to a much smaller house with a tiny yard. It is not the set-up for two active GSPs. And, with Dad's illness, it has become increasingly difficult to manage the care of two large dogs.

Their Mom and Dad know they cannot provide for them, nor give them the active life to which they were accustomed. So, they have asked GSP Rescue for help in finding them a new home. They are heartbroken over this decision, but know it is the best thing for their beloved GSPs.

Gabby is eight, and Porter is seven. Those of you who know the breed will realize this is PRIME TIME for a GSP. They are still very active dogs, but settle down nicely in the home (unlike a young, bouncing-off-the-walls GSP). Both dogs are very well mannered. The love to greet visitors, but when told "Go to your bed," they promptly retreat to the family room to lay on their dog beds. They remain there until they are told it is ok to get up. Most of the family's friends say they wish their children were as well behaved as Gabby and Porter. :-)

Both get along well with other dogs, but have not lived with cats, so a cat free home would probably be best. They are crate trained and housebroken, and have always lived inside as part of the family. They are fine in the home alone when no one is home, and they ADORE children.

Gabby and Porter love to play fetch, LOVE getting a bath (now THAT's amazing), love treats and going on walks. Gabby is uneasy during thunderstorms, as the family lived through a terrible tornado when she was young. She gets a little shaky during a storm, and likes to put her head in your lap. They are good watch dogs, in that they will alert you when a stranger approaches the home. They will protect the home with some barking, but once you tell them a stranger is OK, they are fine, and will greet the visitor in a very friendly manner.

Porter and Gabby are both fine alone in a fenced yard, although their Mom suggests a 5ft or higher fence for Porter (or invisible fencing), as he has jumped a shorter fence in the past. Anything over 5 ft has been fine for containing him.

Both dogs have received a clean bill of health. They are spayed and neutered, heartworm negative, and have received all vaccinations. We would LOVE to rehome them together, but their Mom and Dad say they think they would be OK if they were separated. However, the ultimate goal would be to keep them as a pair.

Imagine if you were in a similar situation with serious health issues, loss of home, loss of job, and the day-to-day worry of an uncertain financial future. Wouldn't YOU want to know your dogs were happy, healthy, provided for, and most of all, loved? That knowledge would ease the pain of parting with your pet(s).

If you are interested in more information on Gabby and/or Porter, please e-mail Michelle Salyers,