Saturday, December 12, 2009

From Beaten To Blossoming

Blossom's story began when she landed as a stray in a shelter in Indiana. We were told she likely had a broken jaw, but she was able to eat and was a sweet, friendly and affectionate girl. She entered foster care last week and was evaluated by a specialist/surgeon. Through various tests, Xrays, etc., it was evident that she had an open jaw fracture. Through all the poking and prodding at the vet, little Blossom didn't put up any fuss. The vet thinks the injury is about two weeks old, and there's a massive infection in there. She also has a bump and hole in the top of her head, which may or may not be related to the broken jaw. The best anyone can guess is that Blossom was hit very hard with a shovel. It was definitely not a car since she has no other external injuries, just the jaw.

She was started on antibiotics for the infection, and underwent her first round of surgery on Friday. The procedure took five hours, and there's still a bit more to do. So, phase two will take place this coming Wednesday.

Initial estimates are that her surgeries and follow-up treatment will reach approximately $1500 - $1700 (and that's with a rescue discount). Tax-deductible donations on Blossom's behalf may be made directly to IL Shorthair Rescue via their website. Checks may be made to the address provided. Or, you can make a donation directly to the vet hospital: Care Animal Hospital, 8989 74th Street, Kenosha, WI 53142 262-694-6515. They will take credit card info over phone and apply to the rescue's account.

The name Blossom is quite fitting. She has left behind a life of neglect and probable abuse, and is blossoming as a result of warmth, love and the feeling of being treasured. Her foster mom adores her! We hope she heals quickly and will soon find her forever home. She sure deserves it!!