Sunday, September 30, 2012

How Could You?

In 24 hours in the state of Indiana, three senior German Shorthaired Pointers have been dumped at high kill shelters by their owners. Two separate families. One in Muncie, the other in Indianapolis. One male, two females. The male was said to be 9 (but is obviously older), the females are 13 and 14 years of age. Three in 24 hours in ONE state.

These situations are heartbreaking for us in rescue. We are so full right now, turning away young, highly adoptable dogs due to a lack of available foster homes. Our hope is the youngsters will have a better chance of adoption through the shelter. But, can we turn our backs on these seniors? Not a chance in hell. No way.

Dear Owner #1,

How could you look into these eyes and think of abandoning him at a shelter? He's scared, confused and all alone. You dropped him off without a tear in your eye, with no reason given, just left him there, as if he didn't matter at all to you. Well, he matters to ME! He's not my dog. I didn't buy him. I don't know him. I have only seen his photos, but I already LOVE him. So do many others, who have seen his photos, heard his story.

WE rescued him from the shelter today. He will have a foster family that will love him and care for him as if he were their own. THEY will show him that his loyalty and love will be returned ten fold. THEY will tell him he's WORTH saving, that he is AMAZING and TREASURED, and that he matters. He deserves that.

Dear Owner #2,

How could you leave your two senior girls at a high kill shelter? They are 13 and 14. They have loved you, been loyal to you. How could you look into their eyes, sign the papers, then turn away as if you didn't have a care in the world, as if you were grateful to be shed of a burden? How did you lay your head on your pillow last night, knowing your faithful girls were scared and confused and sleeping on a cold shelter floor?

Not that it matters to you, but I care. I learned of them today. I reached out to other rescue friends, and WE will save them. WE will never desert them. WE will give them a soft place to sleep, a warm and cozy bed. WE will shower them with the same love and affection they so freely give us, and once gave you. WE will take care of their medical needs. WE will let them know they matter. They are worthy. They are LOVED.

We'll get them out. Don't you worry now. We're just volunteers, but we'll put forth an incredible amount of time and energy on rescuing them, arranging foster and/or adoptive homes. We'll spend our non-profit organization's donations on their vetting needs. We'll drive our vehicles and pay for our own gas to move them to safe places. We'll spend hours on end on the computer trying to network with others willing to assist. We'll lose sleep worrying about them until we have firm arrangements for them. We'll do for them what they deserve. We will do so without reservation, without hesitation, because that's what WE do. We take care of other people's pets. WE are there to pick up the pieces when YOU turn your backs on them. We support them, love them, and stand behind them for the rest of their days.

I'll ask you again. HOW COULD YOU?