Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Very Deserving Duke...

Duke a great Senior GSP who would love a family to share his love and to allow him to retire comfortably. His "mom" was opening a daycare, and didn't have time for him any longer.

Duke was hit by a car when he was 6 months old and his back lower leg had to be removed. Duke was an inside dog in his younger years but was then moved outside. We are re-introducing him to the inside and he is doing great!

Duke is a 9 year old GSP that runs around in the yard like a 3 year year old pup! He has many years of love and companionship to give to the perfect family! Duke is located in the Des Moines area.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Trooper's On The Mend...

A note from Trooper's foster:

What a difference a week makes.

Trooper and I went back to see the vet yesterday and we received some really good news. Trooper is coming along very well and Dr. Radcliffe now is very optimistic about a full recovery. X-rays show that the bone is healing well and he is even gaining muscle tone in his previously severely atrophied thigh muscle. He MAY always have a very slightly bowed lower leg but he should most likely regain full use of it. He’s already been using the leg to bear weight more and I can see his progress. He shows no signs of pain or discomfort and the wound from the pin insertion is mostly healed. He’s even gained 1 pound.

Overall Trooper is doing very well. He is happy, loving, and has the sweetest disposition you could imagine. He charms everyone that he meets. We went to a cookout on Saturday and he spent most of the afternoon either on my lap or someone else’s. Everyone was very impressed with him. he really is a great dog and I am so very happy to be able to report that his future looks bright.

Thanks to all who have helped give this special boy a second chance at a good life. Special thanks to Michelle for making this all possible and to Brian for driving him all the way from Kentucky to Pennsylvania. I will keep you updated.

Best regards,

Denis & Trooper

Friday, June 12, 2009

Out of the Ashes...and into YOUR home?

Phoenix's story...

Hi, I am Phoenix – remember me – part of the famous “Missouri 75” dogs? You can read the whole story here.

I was named after the mythical creature that also rose out of the ashes. Well, I have come a long way since the day I arrived in New Jersey. I am more confident and trusting, learned basic obedience, am crate trained and walk on a leash. I also LOVE to play with toys and other dogs, and then snuggle with my family.

I started out in foster care. Then, I got adopted by a nice family in CT. I guess you are wondering why I am here again…

While with my new family, I was diagnosed with “diabetes insipidus” – sounds scary, but it really isn’t. Basically I need to drink a lot of water, but if I take medication, I don’t. In general there’s nothing to worry about. It doesn’t affect my overall health or longevity (I am around 2 so I have lots of life to live!). I just have to drink (and pee) a lot OR take a pill. That’s it! Besides this, I am fully vetted and neutered.

Though my adoptive family loved me and has lots of praise for me, this made them change their mind about keeping me. Luckily this rescue group always takes back any dog that was in their program – so I get to live with my fun foster mom Dana again until my real FOREVER home comes along.

So here’s a little more about me. I know sit, down, stay and come, am very food motivated, have great recall, and learn quickly from both humans and dogs. My former family thinks I would be great at agility. I also seem to have a pretty strong prey drive – so who knows I may be a great candidate for hunting. I don’t pull on a leash, but sometimes I still get nervous. I just need to be continually exposed to different things.

I behave well with other dogs with no signs of alpha aggression at all. In fact, I love to play once I get to know my fellow canines. I am great with adults, but a little standoffish with kids. I have never met a cat, but once met a chinchilla! I was very interested in them. I’m also showing I do have the typical GSP prey drive. So a home with small critters might not be my best fit.

I really amuse myself playing with dog toys and especially like to hear them squeak. If allowed, I find a cozy couch on which to lie, but when told to get off, I find the nearest dog bed and curl up.

What I like most is to snuggle with someone – either with two-legs or four! I have heard it said, “I am a joy to be around!” And I want to be around you and your doggies! Won’t you please take me home and make me part your family?

For information on adopting Phoenix, please contact

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sad News re: Arkansas Pups

Trooper is on his way to a happy ending soon. This helps heal us a bit, as it was a challenging weekend. We had been working on the placement of a litter of seven GSP puppies from Arkansas. They had adopters waiting in New England. One female hopped a ride last weekend, and was already safe in CT with her new family. MA regulations require mandatory quarantine at a state-approved facility, so the pups headed for MA had to wait a few weeks until there was an opening at the holding facility.

On Friday night, we learned that a few of the pups were sick and suspected parvo. They were at a rural shelter, and they provided fluids and IV antibiotics to all the pups. By Saturday afternoon, there was only one survivor. He did not make it through the night.

When we learned they were ill, a New England volunteer phoned the CT adopters. It turned out she had vomited, had diarrhea and had refused her dinner. Her family thought perhaps it was a change in diet. She told them to get her to the vet ASAP. They rushed her in, and she too tested positive for parvo. She has been on supportive treatment throughout the weekend, and is doing well but not out of the woods yet. Her family had named her Maizy, and they visited with her in the vet hospital on Sunday. (pics attached below)

We are hopeful Maizy will make a full recovery. She will be the sole survivor from her litter. The former owner said he could not afford to vaccinate the puppies, and that it was an "accident" anyway, so he really didn't want to keep them. However, he did find the funds to take a nice family vacation to Miami. :-(

A pic of Maizy at the vet hospital with her new "mom" and human sister..

Monday, June 8, 2009

Trooper has landed... Pittsburgh, PA!

Well, today was transport day! Brian Smith, a volunteer in Lexington, KY had a business trip planned in PA, and offered to take Trooper along for the ride. I picked up Trooper and met Brian in Ashland, KY. It was a pleasure to have him in the car, if only for a short time. He’s a very special boy with a wonderful and friendly disposition. His tail never stops wagging. Denis, his foster dad in Pittsburgh, just called to say that Trooper is settling in. He is so impressed with him, and could tell right away what a lovely temperament he has. Trooper has already met some of the neighbors, the neighborhood kids, and a few doggy friends.

He’s scheduled to meet with an ortho specialist tomorrow. We’re hoping for good news!

Before he left the vet hospital, everyone was saying goodbye. They were gushing at what a nice boy he has been while in their care. The photo is Trooper in my back seat, while we drove through the car wash. I had some time to kill before meeting Brian, so I thought I’d see how Trooper reacted to the strange noise of the drive-through car wash. He was unfazed! He kept kissing me on the cheek. I guess he was thanking me for getting him out of the vet hospital!

We are hopeful that he will continue to make progress and that his leg will heal nicely. He is a great boy and I’m sure he’ll have a wonderful “new” life very soon.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Military Transfer to Germany Will Leave Two AMAZING GSPs Homeless...Please spread the word...Share

Below is a note received from a loving GSP owner. She rescued her two GSPs, as she believed she would remain in the US until retirement. She has received orders to be stationed in Germany, and feels apartment living (and transport to Germany) would be too stressful for her beloved GSPs. Information on them is below. If anyone can assist, please contact Michelle -

The dogs are located in New Mexico, but we have transported GSPs from KS to Vancouver, BC, Arizona to New England, and transport or location of the adopter should not be the primary concern. ANYTHING is possible!

Rescuers - PLEASE CROSS-POST (And please consider posting these dogs on your respective Petfinder sites...I can provide you with additional photos and a brief write-up if you would like). Pre-screened homes would be appreciated, but I will gladly do the legwork if you receive qualified inquiries.

Note from the owner...

I received orders last week for a PCS to Germany for 3 years and must depart in July—

The two German Shorthaired Pointers I rescued 2 ½ years ago are amazing and sweet dogs but are not going to be able to adjust to living in an apartment and my female will not be able to be crated for the airplane trip regardless.

With such short notice I am very worried about finding a suitable home for them. The GSP rescue I adopted them from is unable to re-place them due to being at full capacity. I have contacted 4 other GSP rescues and I fear they are in similar situations---that they are all at capacity or worse.

They are wonderful dogs and I am hoping you can help me find them new homes. 3 years is a long time and I realize that it is probably for their best interest as well as the other family’s best interest to make a permanent situation for them. When I adopted them my functional was certain that I was headed to Texas after this and then a slight shift to a new base to finish my time and retire. It seemed to be the perfect opportunity to finally adopt dogs into my home. Now I get short notice that the future is very different than anticipated and it is not conducive to my pointers.

Odin is approximately 3 or 4 years old and is a very playful (neutered) male. He likes to play with rope knotted balls and squeaky toys (hardier ones since he will destroy a stuffed animal squeaky). He prances as though he is in show and points although I do not hunt so I have no idea what he would do if given some training and allowed to “bird.” He likes to cuddle with you in the evening on the couch if allowed, but sleeps on his own dog bed at bedtime. He is very intelligent and likes his “job”—he patrols the yard and through the house and likes to “protect” by standing close to you.

Freya is a 6 or 7 year old spayed female who is a very sweet girl and I frequently call her Princess. She just wants to be nearby and after she feels assured you are going to “stay put” in a room she curls up on the floor and just watches you. She doesn’t play much but occasionally will pick up a squeaky toy and run around the yard tossing her head and squeaking the toy. When I first brought her home she escaped, climbed the fence and even would “muscle” through a radio-electric fence. Over time I tried many things and finally realized that all she was trying to do was get back into the house. (I had them outside in the yard while I was at work and when she escaped she usually just stood at the front door.) I installed a dog door and turned off the radio fence within a week. She has been perfectly happy being able to come and go between the house and yard and is a happy and well adjusted girl who also sleeps on her own bed although would jump at the chance to curl up on the foot of my bed.

They are both wonderful companions and I walk, hike and run with them. A daily walk (even if only 15 minutes) keeps them content and they are very good on the leash--I walk them on a split lead and they stay right at my side. They have been around cats and are interested but not aggressive. If there are other dogs—they do best if it is a female but overall are best as a pair of dogs rather than part of a larger pack. They are sweet and energetic without being difficult and are friendly to adults as well as children.

If there is anything you can do to assist me in finding a placement for a new home I would appreciate any help—referrals, suggestions or solutions would be welcomed. I have so much to do in so little time.

With a heavy and hopeful heart,

(Please contact Michelle Salyers, GSP Rescue and please CROSS-POST)