Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sad News re: Arkansas Pups

Trooper is on his way to a happy ending soon. This helps heal us a bit, as it was a challenging weekend. We had been working on the placement of a litter of seven GSP puppies from Arkansas. They had adopters waiting in New England. One female hopped a ride last weekend, and was already safe in CT with her new family. MA regulations require mandatory quarantine at a state-approved facility, so the pups headed for MA had to wait a few weeks until there was an opening at the holding facility.

On Friday night, we learned that a few of the pups were sick and suspected parvo. They were at a rural shelter, and they provided fluids and IV antibiotics to all the pups. By Saturday afternoon, there was only one survivor. He did not make it through the night.

When we learned they were ill, a New England volunteer phoned the CT adopters. It turned out she had vomited, had diarrhea and had refused her dinner. Her family thought perhaps it was a change in diet. She told them to get her to the vet ASAP. They rushed her in, and she too tested positive for parvo. She has been on supportive treatment throughout the weekend, and is doing well but not out of the woods yet. Her family had named her Maizy, and they visited with her in the vet hospital on Sunday. (pics attached below)

We are hopeful Maizy will make a full recovery. She will be the sole survivor from her litter. The former owner said he could not afford to vaccinate the puppies, and that it was an "accident" anyway, so he really didn't want to keep them. However, he did find the funds to take a nice family vacation to Miami. :-(

A pic of Maizy at the vet hospital with her new "mom" and human sister..

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