Monday, June 8, 2009

Trooper has landed... Pittsburgh, PA!

Well, today was transport day! Brian Smith, a volunteer in Lexington, KY had a business trip planned in PA, and offered to take Trooper along for the ride. I picked up Trooper and met Brian in Ashland, KY. It was a pleasure to have him in the car, if only for a short time. He’s a very special boy with a wonderful and friendly disposition. His tail never stops wagging. Denis, his foster dad in Pittsburgh, just called to say that Trooper is settling in. He is so impressed with him, and could tell right away what a lovely temperament he has. Trooper has already met some of the neighbors, the neighborhood kids, and a few doggy friends.

He’s scheduled to meet with an ortho specialist tomorrow. We’re hoping for good news!

Before he left the vet hospital, everyone was saying goodbye. They were gushing at what a nice boy he has been while in their care. The photo is Trooper in my back seat, while we drove through the car wash. I had some time to kill before meeting Brian, so I thought I’d see how Trooper reacted to the strange noise of the drive-through car wash. He was unfazed! He kept kissing me on the cheek. I guess he was thanking me for getting him out of the vet hospital!

We are hopeful that he will continue to make progress and that his leg will heal nicely. He is a great boy and I’m sure he’ll have a wonderful “new” life very soon.

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