Saturday, December 12, 2009

From Beaten To Blossoming

Blossom's story began when she landed as a stray in a shelter in Indiana. We were told she likely had a broken jaw, but she was able to eat and was a sweet, friendly and affectionate girl. She entered foster care last week and was evaluated by a specialist/surgeon. Through various tests, Xrays, etc., it was evident that she had an open jaw fracture. Through all the poking and prodding at the vet, little Blossom didn't put up any fuss. The vet thinks the injury is about two weeks old, and there's a massive infection in there. She also has a bump and hole in the top of her head, which may or may not be related to the broken jaw. The best anyone can guess is that Blossom was hit very hard with a shovel. It was definitely not a car since she has no other external injuries, just the jaw.

She was started on antibiotics for the infection, and underwent her first round of surgery on Friday. The procedure took five hours, and there's still a bit more to do. So, phase two will take place this coming Wednesday.

Initial estimates are that her surgeries and follow-up treatment will reach approximately $1500 - $1700 (and that's with a rescue discount). Tax-deductible donations on Blossom's behalf may be made directly to IL Shorthair Rescue via their website. Checks may be made to the address provided. Or, you can make a donation directly to the vet hospital: Care Animal Hospital, 8989 74th Street, Kenosha, WI 53142 262-694-6515. They will take credit card info over phone and apply to the rescue's account.

The name Blossom is quite fitting. She has left behind a life of neglect and probable abuse, and is blossoming as a result of warmth, love and the feeling of being treasured. Her foster mom adores her! We hope she heals quickly and will soon find her forever home. She sure deserves it!!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Perfect Pair...Waiting Just For You

Gabby and Porter are special GSPs. They are adored by their family and charm everyone they meet. Gabby is actually Porter's mom, a result of an accidental breeding just prior to her being spayed. So, to say they are bonded would be an understatement.

Their family has fallen on some very hard times. Their "Dad" has bone cancer. Their mom lost her job. They lost their home, so they have moved to a much smaller house with a tiny yard. It is not the set-up for two active GSPs. And, with Dad's illness, it has become increasingly difficult to manage the care of two large dogs.

Their Mom and Dad know they cannot provide for them, nor give them the active life to which they were accustomed. So, they have asked GSP Rescue for help in finding them a new home. They are heartbroken over this decision, but know it is the best thing for their beloved GSPs.

Gabby is eight, and Porter is seven. Those of you who know the breed will realize this is PRIME TIME for a GSP. They are still very active dogs, but settle down nicely in the home (unlike a young, bouncing-off-the-walls GSP). Both dogs are very well mannered. The love to greet visitors, but when told "Go to your bed," they promptly retreat to the family room to lay on their dog beds. They remain there until they are told it is ok to get up. Most of the family's friends say they wish their children were as well behaved as Gabby and Porter. :-)

Both get along well with other dogs, but have not lived with cats, so a cat free home would probably be best. They are crate trained and housebroken, and have always lived inside as part of the family. They are fine in the home alone when no one is home, and they ADORE children.

Gabby and Porter love to play fetch, LOVE getting a bath (now THAT's amazing), love treats and going on walks. Gabby is uneasy during thunderstorms, as the family lived through a terrible tornado when she was young. She gets a little shaky during a storm, and likes to put her head in your lap. They are good watch dogs, in that they will alert you when a stranger approaches the home. They will protect the home with some barking, but once you tell them a stranger is OK, they are fine, and will greet the visitor in a very friendly manner.

Porter and Gabby are both fine alone in a fenced yard, although their Mom suggests a 5ft or higher fence for Porter (or invisible fencing), as he has jumped a shorter fence in the past. Anything over 5 ft has been fine for containing him.

Both dogs have received a clean bill of health. They are spayed and neutered, heartworm negative, and have received all vaccinations. We would LOVE to rehome them together, but their Mom and Dad say they think they would be OK if they were separated. However, the ultimate goal would be to keep them as a pair.

Imagine if you were in a similar situation with serious health issues, loss of home, loss of job, and the day-to-day worry of an uncertain financial future. Wouldn't YOU want to know your dogs were happy, healthy, provided for, and most of all, loved? That knowledge would ease the pain of parting with your pet(s).

If you are interested in more information on Gabby and/or Porter, please e-mail Michelle Salyers,

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Peggy's Senior Success Story

Peggy's story, as told by her loving foster mom, Tammy Regenthal...Peggy is an approximately 12yr old female that was surrendered to an upstate NY shelter along with two other senior GSPs. Volunteers from the Eastern GSP Rescue Group pulled Peggy from the shelter in May 2009 and had her evaluated by a veterinarian. It was apparent Peggy was not well cared for and was diagnosed with lyme disease, hookworm and had a large, ulcerated, tumor on her on her hind leg approximately the size of a large egg.

Upon evaluation, the vet was almost certain the tumor was malignant and her foster family prepared themselves for the worst and decided they would provide her the best life they could no matter how long this old gal had left. The rescue group opted to use their proceeds to have the tumor removed and biopsied to enhance this girls quality of life! Upon removal, the tumor was deemed benign and in the following months Peggy made a full recovery. (Pic of Peggy's tumor is to the right...)

It was astounding to watch Peggy through her recovery and the removal of the tumor opened new doors for her. At one point in her life peggy had difficulty doing the most routine tasks such as walking, laying down and going up and downstairs now thanks to the efforts of the rescue group and her foster family she was jogging, swimming, camping, hiking etc. and she was experiencing many new things life had to offer!

I am proud to annouce Peggy found her 'forever home' on September 5, 2009 in Marlton, NJ with a loving family who has two other 4-legged companions and in just a matter of days Peggy was adjusted to her new home. She is doing amazing and for an old gal we have been told she has a lot of 'spunk'!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Betty Will Steal Your Heart

Hi, my name is Betty! I'm a sweet and sassy little gal. By little, I mean I'm quite petite, and weigh less than 40 lbs. I'm a very lucky girl to have found a wonderful foster mom in Arkansas. My former owner brought me to a rural MO shelter, and asked the folks to put me down. He said all he wanted from me was a litter of pups, and I delivered. Once my pups were weaned, he decided I was of no use to him.

Well, the folks at the shelter could tell I was a very special girl so they refused to put me down right away. At first, I was very depressed at the shelter, and was looking all around for my puppies, but couldn't find them anywhere. My new friends at the shelter got in touch with GSP Rescue, so now I'm safe and happy in my foster home.

I get along with everyone I meet. I absolutely ADORE the company of other dogs, and would love to have a canine companion in my new home. I love people too, and never meet a stranger. I love to take long walks in the woods and my foster mom says I have a lot of takes a while to tire me out. So, an active playmate would be a great match for me.

I am learning house manners, and haven't had any accidents in my foster home. I'm quiet and well behaved in my crate also (I try so hard to be a good girl). My foster mom doesn't have any cats, so she's not sure if I could live with a cat or not. Probably better not to take a chance, as I might like to chase cats.

I'm up-to-date on my vaccinations, spayed and I'm heartworm negative. The rescue has some great contacts for transportation, so don't let my Arkansas location deter you if you live elsewhere and you'd like to learn more about me. I'm hoping to find my forever home soon, so please write to Michelle if you would like more information on adoption:

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cody...In Search Of...A Soft Bed And Someone To Snuggle With

Hi, my name is Cody. Please excuse me, I'm a little confused. I used to live with someone, but I got lost or maybe they didn't want me anymore so they just turned me loose. They cared enough to neuter me, but didn't care enough to keep me or to find a home for me. Lucky for me, a kind person found me and let me stay with her and her family. She was sure that my folks would be looking for me. They weren't. She was really nice to me--she let me sleep on the couch in the daytime and I had a warm bed to sleep in at night. I even got along with a small dog that lived there. I wanted to chase the cat, though. I probably should not do that, but I'm a bird dog, ok?

So, I got all settled in at this house, and then one day I go on a road trip. I was kinda scared, cuz I didn't know what was going on. Well, there was nothing to be scared about, cuz I was going to GSP Rescue! I am now in a foster home with other GSP's just like me--they have had bad luck but we are safe now and looking for homes. My foster mom thinks I am handsome, sweet, and a good buddy. I am about 7 years old or so. All that means is that I am not super silly like one of my foster brothers. I like to have my ears scratched and I give good hugs.

I am not quite sure about this thing called a crate. I cried the first night I was in my foster home cuz I wanted to be close to my foster mom. She understands that sometimes spotty dogs are so loving and attached to their people that they can't bear to be away from them.. Other than not liking crates, I am perfect! I like other dogs and know not to potty in the house. I point birds in the yard, but am afraid of loud noises, so I don't think I would like to go hunting. I would, however, like to be your bestest friend forever, so email my foster mom at and tell her you want to adopt me!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Chaz's Chance

Hi, my name is Chaz. At least that is what I go by now. I got lost from my people (they didn't put a tag on my collar, guess they were too busy with other stuff to make sure I stayed safe...) and they never came looking for me. Guess they were too busy for that, too. But don't be sad for me, cuz I am safe now. Apparently the shelter folks thought I was pretty special, cuz they called some folks, who called some other folks, who drove a long way to make sure I got to come to rescue. I am sure glad they weren't too busy to help me.

I am about 5 years old (that's what the rescue people think) and am a stocky guy at about 50 lbs. I am in good shape, but just heavy-boned and short. I think I am very handsome, and my foster mom agrees. I am done with all of that puppy foolishness that younger GSP's have, and I slept in a crate nicely the first night I was in my foster home. My foster mom is still learning about me, and she will help me write more once she knows more about me.

I am good with other dogs and I am a quiet, laid back boy. I like to be petted and do pretty good on a leash (my foster mom just doesn't walk fast enough, that's all...). I think I have lived in a house before, and my foster mom talked about giving me increased freedom in the house. Until next time....Chaz (Written by Chaz's foster mom, Stacy. If you are interested in more information on Chaz, please e-mail Stacy at:

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Totally Terrific Thomas

Hey folks, my name is Thomas and I'm the happiest GSP boy this side of the Mississippi!! I am very lucky to be alive, as I found myself in a shelter in the country. A lot of rescue people wanted me to have a chance to be a young spotty dog, so they worked together to help me and another GSP boy get a ride to foster care.

When the rescue lady went to the shelter to tell them she was going to help me, the shelter people started crying. You see, I had been at the shelter place for a while, longer than any other dog there, and still no one wanted a happy boy like me. The shelter people didn't understand it either, but they were going to have to make me go to sleep. The day before the rescue lady came they were going to make me go to sleep, but something told them to wait...and then the rescue lady came and I was safe!! The shelter people were really happy, cuz they liked me a lot.

I am almost a year old, and my foster mom says I go, go, go! I am just doing what young GSP boys do...PLAY! I really like to wrestle with my buddies here, and don't mind even that one of my friends is really big.

I am really trying hard to learn from my foster mom (she is really smart). I am very sweet and want to be by your side all the time, except when I am playing, of course...

I think cats are fun to chase, so I need to go live where there aren't any kitties. I like to run with my foster mom on-leash--she is training for something called a mary-thon, and she says I could probably win one...

Email for an application to adopt me. I'm being fostered in Arkansas, but I can hitch a ride to almost anywhere to be united with my forever family.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This...

Hi, my name is Chase. My brother and I are in rescue because no one purchased us from our breeder. I am glad we didn't go live with just anybody. My foster mom and her rescue friends will make sure we get the most awesome homes ever. I am very sweet and just had my first birthday on September 24. I like to point birds in the yard, but haven't been hunting yet.

I am such a good boy that I can stay in the house by myself when my foster mom is gone and I don't even have to stay in a crate. I know that I better be on my best behavior so that a really nice person will adopt me. I am a quiet GSP and really like to be close to my person. I don't jump up, I just nudge you with my liver nose and tell you to pet me, please. I am about 50 lbs and may grow just a little bit more. I'm in Arkansas, but my foster mom has transport contacts that can help me get to my new home. Email to talk to my foster mom about adopting me.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Handsome Fella In Search of Lifetime Companion...

Hi, folks. My name is Junior and I just had my first-ever birthday on September 24th. My foster mom said as my present I got to be neutered. I don't think that was a very nice present, but she knows best.

My brother and I are in rescue cuz our we didn't sell when we were little puppies, although all of our brothers and sisters found their homes. I am glad we didn't sell to just anyone--my foster mom and her rescue friends will do a good job of finding the very bestest home for me.

I am a bigger boy at about 60 lbs. I like to point birds in the yard but have not been hunting yet. I think I would like to chase cats, so a home without cats would be best for me. I like other dogs, but I really like to cuddle with people.. I like to put my big clunky head in laps. I am working on not pulling on a leash, but I do know how to sit when I am told. I am quiet in a crate and know that it means time to settle down.

Email my foster mom at to tell her you want to adopt me. Thanks!

Friday, September 11, 2009

The Fabulous Freya - In Search Of A Home

Meet Freya! She has been through a lot over the last few months. She had enjoyed a lovely life with her adoptive mom, Kat, in NM. Kat adopted her from the AZ GSP Rescue. Kat has spent her career in the military, and had been told she would remain in the US until retirement. So, she fulfilled her adult-life dream, and adopted two dogs from the AZ rescue, Odin and Freya. She adored her “kids” and provided them with tons of love and attention. Kat was shocked to receive the news that she would be transferring to Germany, for a three-year period. She knew the stress of the trip, quarantine, and frequent boarding while she was “in the field” would be too much for her loving GSPs. So, she asked GSP Rescue for help.

There were no open adoptive homes in AZ/NM, as it can be challenging to place a pair of dogs together. We desperately wanted to place them together. After all, they were losing their mom, they shouldn’t have to lose one another as well. We found a lovely home for them in Maine. The family had two young boys and were willing to adopt Odin and Freya together. Through the help of a vast volunteer transport network, Odin and Freya were transported by car, cross-country, from NM to Maine.

Everything was going well until Odin started exhibiting signs of pain and soreness. It escalated to the point that he was very grouchy with the two young boys in the home. The family took him to the vet, and after some testing, it was determined he had Ehrlichiosis, a tick-borne illness. Given his obvious discomfort, and the fact there were two children in the home, we made the decision to move both Odin and Freya to a foster home in Maine. The foster Dad is a breeder, and the foster mom, a Vet. Odin’s pain became even more unbearable, and a blood test revealed he was also in kidney failure. We made the very tearful decision to end Odin’s suffering.

So, poor little Freya has lost her mom, her “old” home, her adoptive home, and now, her companion, Odin. She is doing well, despite all of the changes. However, she really needs a home with another doggy companion. Freya is remarkably bright and very much in tune with people and other dogs. She follows her foster dad around the house, and stays very close. He feels she worries a bit, given all of the changes, but knows she’ll be much more confident once she has a stable home life again.

Her foster dad says:
“Freya has been very easy to train. She was a terrible puller on the leash, but I was able to explain what "heel" means in just a few minutes. We are crate training Freya, and she appreciates having her own "spot." She will disappear into her crate. She has prey drive. She located the mouse nest in the wood pile with her nose and kind of stuttered to a stop. She's really put together well and has great muscle tone. Freya loves riding in the car. She curls up quietly on the back seat when we are moving, but gets up and looks around when we start turning and stopping. Freya is probably the quietest GSP I have ever known. She rarely barks, seldom whines. Freya is very respectful when taking treats from your hand. She occasionally throws a fit in her crate, but she's just trying to train us to let her out (it doesn't work here). Most of the time, crate time is quiet time and she has figured that out pretty fast. Freya is going to stick to her new owner like glue. She's very well behaved but she wants someone to set limits and boundaries for her. Giving her a job like obedience or rally would be really fun for you and her. Freya is good with kids and reportedly good around cats.”

If you are interested in more information about Freya, please contact Celeste,

Friday, September 4, 2009

Military Pet In Need of Forever Home...

Hi, my name is Pepper. I used to live with my dad. We had lots of fun together. My dad had to go to this place called WAR. I'm not sure where that is, but my dad said he had to go so that people like you could live here and be safe. My dad sent me to live with his sister, but she had too many dogs and I was in danger of getting sent to a place called the POUND. I have heard about the pound, and it sounds like a scary place. Now I am safe in foster care in AR. I am a very nice boy--I like other dogs and people. The jury is still out on cats--if I see one I will let you know how it goes between me and Mr. Cat. I don't mind staying in a crate, but I can be left alone in the house and don't tear anything up. I am housebroken (my dad taught me really good manners) and I am an all-around good boy. I really want to have a home again--it's nice here, but I want a family or person all to myself. Email my foster mom at to find out about adopting me. My foster mom is so cool, she can get me a ride to almost anywhere, so don't hesitate to ask!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Rest In Peace, Sweet Odin...

Today, we had to say goodbye to dear Odin, a male recently transported from NM to Maine, due to his "mom's" military transfer. Many of you may remember his story (placed with "sister" Freya...details at link below). Odin had severe chronic Ehrlichia, which had gone undetected and untreated. Unfortunately, he had severe joint pain as a result, and was in kidney failure. (Link to the original post:

His amazing foster dad, Todd Chrisman (and his foster mom, Dr. Amanda) were at his side as he crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Odin was so young...too young to leave this world. He had so much more love to give. I am so thankful for Todd and Dr. Amanda for caring for Odin and Freya over these last few weeks. They will see Freya through yet another (most difficult) adjustment. Hopefully soon, she'll be on her way to a forever home, where she'll meet another doggy companion to fill Odin's shoes. She so adored Odin...

Please folks, have your dogs tested for ALL tick-borne illnesses. If caught early, they can be treated, usually quite successfully. If left untreated, there is little hope. Please ask your vet to perform the SNAP 3Dx Test, to diagnose tick-borne illness in your dog...before it's too late.

Some links of interest:

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Two Midwest Boys in DESPERATE Need!

I have just learned of two, mature, WONDERFUL male GSPs in need in the Midwest. The local rescue is full to BEYOND CAPACITY, so they simply cannot get thest guys out of the shelter.

Ranger (left photo) is a gentle boy, five years old. He was turned in by his owners because he was jumping their fence. He is a great guy, and would probably be fine with a 6ft fence (owners had 4ft), or invisible fence. I am told he prefers a home with older children. He would be a wonderful walking or hiking companion for an active family. Five years is YOUNG by GSP standards, so he'd be a FABULOUS exercise partner. Ranger is in Wichita, KS.

If you can provide a foster or adoptive home for Ranger, please contact:

Erica Davis
Shelter Operations Assistant & Rescue Coordinator

Office Hours: Mon-Fri 7:00am-4:00pm
Phone: 316-220-8714
edavis@kshumane. org

Jack (right photo) is an awesome boy! He is seven years young, active and very friendly. He was surrendered to a MO shelter due to financial strain on his family. They simply could not afford to keep Jack and his companion dog, so they both arrived together. She was adopted, leaving poor Jack all alone without his family OR his companion. He's so lonely, and just wants a family to call his own again. Won't you consider making room at your feet (or the end of your sofa) for Jack?

If you can offer a foster or adoptive home for Jack, please contact:

Jennifer Shive
Halfway Home Pet Adoptions
Adoption Coordinator
4400 Raytown Rd,
Kansas City, MO 64133

Saturday, August 8, 2009

In Memory of Keira

I received a note today from a former adopter. In my early days of rescue, I was living in Massachusetts. I met Joan, a wonderful, loving woman, willing to open her heart and home to two GSPs in desperate need. They had only hours left to live in a NY shelter, and we arranged (very quickly) transport to Massachusetts. Joan fostered one of the girls, and adopted the other (Ceilidh). Joan and I had a special bond from our first phone conversation. She has always been one of "those people" you never forget, and one you love the minute you meet her.

Last summer, Joan adopted an English Pointer that was terminally ill. She gave her a year of love, warmth, play time and plenty of attention. She lost her girl recently, and shared her story with me. Joan's note and Keira's story are below.


We had to say good-bye to Keira (story below). We were in the process of adopting her when your beloved Pete passed away. I was going to write you about Keira and tell you that Pete's reach and influence was wider than you may have imagined. Our Keira got 14 months of care, attention, and love because you adopted Pete, met me, helped me adopt Ceilidh and then Abby (now Kila). Along the way, I fostered a dog named Darcy and her "new" mom has adopted another GSP and helps transport for GSP Rescue. I'll bet this chain is just the tip of Pete's influence!!!

Ceilidh is still going strong - although very deaf and vision impaired. She is sooo, sooo, sooo very special to me that I cannot begin to tell you.

Please think of us from time to time and know that Pete - and you - have enriched my life so much.


Keira's Story

Keira, our beloved English Pointer, was found wandering with two GSPs in a game reserve in Massachusetts by the town animal control officer. The three wilderness companions were taken to a kennel because the town has no town kennel. The owner got paid for boarding until the ACO was satisfied that the owners could not be found. At that time the kennel owner became the owner.

GSP Rescue of NE took control of the two GSPs and set about to find foster homes for them.

There was no English Pointer Rescue on the East Coast to help her, so Keira’s life might have ended at this point, except for her wonderful personality. Because she was so sweet, the kennel owner tried to keep her until a new home could be found, but she had a very large tumor on her belly and was believed to be 10 years old (or more). No home could be found. Then one of the kennel workers who was charmed by Keira worked at a reduced rate of pay to fund Keira’s board.

At about this time, Suzanne, a volunteer from GSP rescue who came to the kennel to exercise the GSPs, got to know Keira, named her “Little Lady” and started taking her for walks as well as the GSPs. Suzanne relayed Little Lady’s plight to GSP Rescue of NE’s management and we were made aware of her situation.

On June 10th of 2008, I drove from Northern Maine to Southern Maine to pick Little Lady up and bring her to her forever home with us. We named her Keira. Our vet helped us find a great veterinary surgeon in Bangor who removed her tumor. After she recuperated, we took her to our summer home in Nova Scotia where she spent the last year happily walking with us chasing butterflies, shore birds and, in the cold weather, tennis balls. She continued to win the hearts of everyone who met her. However, even all her kindness, love and good humor could not protect her from the cancer within and she succumbed last Thursday.

She brightened our lives and warmed our hearts and we are grateful for knowing her and to all those who helped her and us.

Joan & Lloyd

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Three beautiful young females were dumped in a KY shelter this week, by their owner. All of the local foster homes are full, and we are in desperate need of temporary foster homes. If you can assist, please contact Adriana,

The girls have been vaccinated at the shelter, and will be spayed prior to foster or adoptive placement. They need a soft place to call home until their forever homes can be found. They are very friendly and oh so sweet. They deserve a shot at a new life!! Pic of one of the girls featured here. They are all lookers! :-)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Transport - OH/PA Drivers Needed!!!

Below is information on a transport running this weekend. Rory, the GSP, was pulled just in time from a KY shelter. He's been in temporary foster care, waiting for transport to his new, loving family in NJ. Please help him get HOME. Details on the entire transport (and the other, non-GSP passengers) are below. If you can assist, please contact the transport coordinator at this e-mail, and provide the required information:

Traci VanOss @ or 513-267-5695 for any offers to help!

Home City/State:
Home Phone:
Cell Phone:
Vehicle Description:
License Plate:

Emergency Contact: (Name and phone number)
Description: (Height and hair)
References: (Vet, rescue, adoption, personal, previous transport, etc.)
Preferred meeting Place:
Would you be willing to add an additional dog/pup/cat/ kitten if requested to combine with another transport? If yes, how many and what sizes?

The entire "run sheet" is below, but this is a highlight of the STILL NEEDED legs in OH/PA

Leg 3: Jeffersonville, OH to Columbus, OH (Smokey and Remmy)
40.2 mi – about 42 mins
10:35 am to 11: 20 am

Leg 4: Columbus, OH to Mansfield, OH (Smokey and Remmy)
66.7 mi – about 1 hour 18 mins
11:30 to 12:50 pm

Leg 7: Youngstown, OH to Clarion, PA (Smokey, Remmy, Rory, Abby, Spunky, and Zimmer)
79.2 mi – about 1 hour 20 mins
3:20 pm to 4:40 pm

Leg 9: Clearfield, PA to Williamsport, PA (Smokey, Remmy, Rory, Abby, Spunky, and Zimmer)
93.9 mi – about 1 hour 39 mins
6:00 pm to 7:40 pm

Leg 10b: Williamsport, PA to Bloomsburg, PA (Rory, Abby, Spunky, and Zimmer)
44.9 mi – about 53 mins
7:50 pm to 8:45 pm

Leg 11: Bloomsburg, PA to Scranton, PA (Rory, Abby, Spunky, and Zimmer)
61.1 mi – about 1 hour 8 mins
8:55 pm to 10:05 pm

OVERNIGHT NEEDED IN SCRANTON, PA AREA (Rory, Abby, Spunky, and Zimmer)

Sunday July 26
Leg 12a: Scranton PA to Allentown, PA (Rory)
75.9 mi – about 1 hour 20 mins
8:00 am to 9:20 am


Coonhounds, Collies, some hounds and GSP too! Transport: Saturday July 25 & Sunday July 26: Sadieville, KY to Ashley, PA

Crossposting is greatly appreciated!!! Your contacts are invaluable to me! Please do NOT post on Craiglist.

An updated version of this run can be found at :

All legs are F-L-E-X-I-B-L-E !!!! If you have a better routing suggestion – please let me know!!! If you can only do a PARTIAL leg – please offer and I will see if I can accommodate it! 10 minutes added to each leg for transfer and potty breaks. All legs will be monitored.

Due to the large number of Yahoo Groups I belong to and the amount of mail generated on these groups, it is impossible for me to keep up with all of the mail. I'd hate to miss your offer to help, so please email me directly at the email below if you are able to assist. DO NOT respond to the list or I may never see your offer to help!

If you would like to volunteer only as BACKUP if that leg does not fill please indicate clearly on the email that you are volunteering only for BACKUP. We also appreciate an offer for BACKUP if a leg is filled should an emergency occur.


Please return with the following information to:

Traci VanOss @ ( @ or 513-267-5695

for any offers to help!

Home City/State:
Home Phone:
Cell Phone:
Vehicle Description:
License Plate:

Emergency Contact: (Name and phone number)
Description: (Height and hair)
References: (Vet, rescue, adoption, personal, previous transport, etc.)
Preferred meeting Place:
Would you be willing to add an additional dog/pup/cat/ kitten if requested to combine with another transport? If yes, how many and what sizes?

Sending Shelter/Rescue (SMOKEY):

Organization: Hugs and Transports

Name: Mindy Hansen

City: Sadieville, KY 40370


Receiving Rescue (SMOKEY):

K 9 companions 4 life

Ashley pa 18706



NAME: Smokey
BREED: Collie mix
SEX: Neutered male
AGE/WEIGHT: 16 mos.
SPAY/NEUTERED: REQUIRED if going to forever home. He is neutered.
HEALTH CERT: REQUIRED if crossing ANY state line-NO exceptions!! Will have.
RABIES VACCINE/ DATE GIVEN & TAG: (UTD tag MUST be on collar) Has it.
WATER DISH: Will have.
(IF YES, PLEASE EXPLAIN, include dates) No special needs.
REASON FOR TRANSPORT: Going to another rescue.

Sending Shelter/Rescue (Remmy):

Laura and Bill Nordan (foster)
Cynthiana, KY 41031

Receiving Adopter (Remmy):
Stephanie Hamilton and Steven Lastovica (new adoptive parents!)
Jersey City, NJ 07307
email: (Stephanie's)


"Remmy" approx 8-9 mo. old, male, neutered, Tri-color: Blk/tan/white
UTD on vaccines (rabies, Bordatella, DHLPPC, on heartworm prevention (heartworm neg), on Frontline Plus.
Approx. 35 lbs now. LONG LEGS
Has valid health certificate issued 7/18/09
All initial vaccines/testing/neuter done 5/13/09. Booster for Bordatella/DHLPPC on 5/27/09. Stitches removed then as well.
No other illnesses/surgeries, etc.
Remmy rides well, but does get carsick. He has very long legs. Is not microchipped.
He is fine with other dogs of all sizes/breeds and cats. Is crate-trained. Will still have an occasional accident in house.




NAME: Zimmer
BREED: beagle mix
SEX: male
AGE/WEIGHT: 1 year / 20 pounds
SPAY/NEUTERED: REQUIRED if going to forever home.
HEALTH CERT: REQUIRED if crossing ANY state line-NO exceptions!!

NAME: Spunky
BREED: hound mix
SEX: male
AGE/WEIGHT: 5 months / 20 pounds
SPAY/NEUTERED: REQUIRED if going to forever home.
HEALTH CERT: REQUIRED if crossing ANY state line-NO exceptions!!


NAME: Abby
BREED: hound mix
SEX: female
AGE/WEIGHT: 8 months / 35 pounds
SPAY/NEUTERED: REQUIRED if going to forever home.
HEALTH CERT: REQUIRED if crossing ANY state line-NO exceptions!!



Sending Shelter/Rescue: GSP Care of Ohio Rescue

Contact Name: Adriana Sokach

Location (city/state): Columbus, OH

Contact Email:



Receiving Rescue/Adopter: Approved adopter Rich Endres (Home visit completed by NJ GSP Rescue)

Contact Name: Rich Endres

Location (city/state): Berlin, NJ

Contact Email:

Passenger Name: Rory

Breed: GSP (German Shorthair Pointer)

Age: ~ 5 years

Gender: neutered male

Size/Weight: ~60 #

Spayed/Neutered: Neutered

General temperament: laid back, very sweet, travels well in car.

Any Special Needs: No

Items Provided: Vet records, Health Certificate, leash & collar
Crate: optional, not provided

Reason for transport: Going to Forever Home

Vaccines: UTD

Saturday July 25

Leg 1a: Sadieville, KY to Cincinnati, OH
58.1 mi – about 57 mins
8:00 am to 9:00 am
Filled- Thanks Mindy!

Leg 1b: Cynthiana, KY to Cincinnati, OH
57.3 mi - about 1 hour 14 minutes
7:45 am to 9:00 am
Filled- Thanks Laura!

Leg 2: Cincinnati, OH to Jeffersonville, OH (Smokey and Remmy)
70.1 mi – about 1 hour 14 mins
9:10 am to 10:25 am
Filled- Thanks Bonnie!

Leg 3: Jeffersonville, OH to Columbus, OH (Smokey and Remmy)
40.2 mi – about 42 mins
10:35 am to 11: 20 am

Leg 4: Columbus, OH to Mansfield, OH (Smokey and Remmy)
66.7 mi – about 1 hour 18 mins
11:30 to 12:50 pm

Leg 5a Mansfield, OH to Akron, OH (Smokey and Remmy)
65.0 mi – about 1 hour 10 mins
1:00 pm to 2:10 pm
Filled- Thanks Georgianne!

Leg 5b Canton, OH Akron, OH (Rory)
22.0 mi - about 0 hours 30 mins
1: 40 pm to 2:10 pm
Filled- Thanks Sandy!

Leg 6a: Akron, OH to Youngstown, OH (Smokey and Remmy RORY adds here!)
49.7 mi – about 51 mins
2:20 pm to 3:10 pm
Filled- Thanks Georgianne!

Leg 6b Cleveland, OH to Youngstown, OH (Abby, Spunky, and Zimmer)
75.2 mi - 1 hour 22 mins
1:05 pm to 3:10 pm
Filled- Thanks Barb!

Leg 7: Youngstown, OH to Clarion, PA (Smokey, Remmy, Rory, Abby, Spunky, and Zimmer)
79.2 mi – about 1 hour 20 mins
3:20 pm to 4:40 pm

Leg 8: Clarion, PA to Clearfield, PA (Smokey, Remmy, Rory, Abby, Spunky, and Zimmer)
56.9 mi – about 1 hour 2 mins
4:50 pm to 5:50 pm
Filled- Thanks BettyJo!

Leg 9: Clearfield, PA to Williamsport, PA (Smokey, Remmy, Rory, Abby, Spunky, and Zimmer)
93.9 mi – about 1 hour 39 mins
6:00 pm to 7:40 pm

Leg 10a: Williamsport, PA to Ashley, PA (Remmy and Smokey)
85.0 mi – about 1 hour 29 mins
7:50 pm to 9:20 pm
Filled by Receiving Rescue (Smokey)- Thanks Christine!

Remmy's Adoptive Parents Pick Up Here!

Leg 10b: Williamsport, PA to Bloomsburg, PA (Rory, Abby, Spunky, and Zimmer)
44.9 mi – about 53 mins
7:50 pm to 8:45 pm

Leg 11: Bloomsburg, PA to Scranton, PA (Rory, Abby, Spunky, and Zimmer)
61.1 mi – about 1 hour 8 mins
8:55 pm to 10:05 pm

OVERNIGHT NEEDED IN SCRANTON, PA AREA (Rory, Abby, Spunky, and Zimmer)

Sunday July 26
Leg 12a: Scranton PA to Allentown, PA (Rory)
75.9 mi – about 1 hour 20 mins
8:00 am to 9:20 am

Leg 12b: Scranton, PA to Middletown, NY (Abby, Spunky and Zimmer)
77.1 mi – about 1 hour 20 mins
9:30 am to 10:50 am
FILLED BY Receiving Rescue!

Leg 13: Allentown, PA to Berlin, NJ (Rory)
85.5 mi – about 1 hour 45 mins
9:30 am to 11:15 am
FILLED BY Rory's Adoptive Parents

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sarah the Amazing Senior

Drive up to Sarah's foster home and you are greeted with a tail wagging, happy girl who just wants to meet you!! She loves to be petted and hugged and to Sarah, there is no such thing as a stranger. Sarah is a spunky 12 yr old who was surrendered to a MA shelter because her family no longer had time for her. She was adopted through rescue but then returned to us because her owner developed health issues and could no longer care for her. Her owner tearfully returned her to us. Sarah gives kisses all the time and her foster dad cannot say enough about her. Sarah loves to cuddle and is great company. Don't let Sarah's age fool you..she's as spunky and healthy as a young dog and the good thing is she settles in nicely once home. She's very quiet when she's at home. She loves leash walking and watching and chasing the birds in her foster home's fenced in back yard. Sarah loves to cuddle on the couch with her owner and just wants a home she can call her own and live out her senior years. Fully housetrained, UTD and healthy, Sarah is a great turnkey dog. Won't you think about having this lovely senior sleeping by a warm fire in your home?

Sarah gets along with most dogs but not all. She would do best as an only dog. She doesnt tolerate living with cats so she will NOT be placed in any home with cats.

If you are interested in more information on Sarah, please contact Celeste at

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Indiana Sam - In Search Of A Home

Sam is a one-in-a-million find. He's a lovely 3 yo GSP with so much love to give. He was purchased as a pup by a busy family that simply did not have the time to spare to give him what he needed. He spent most of his time in the yard and garage, and the kids would play with him when they had time. But, Sam took whatever attention he could get, and did so gratefully.
He entered foster care several months ago, and his foster mom has seen him blossom into an outgoing and lovable fellow. He is amazing with children of all ages, great with other dogs, and ok with cats. He is respectful of commands, responds well to direction, and basically wants desperately to please his people. He is fully vetted, neutered and ready to join his new family in their daily activities. He's an active boy and could surely keep up with even the busiest of families.

You really can't ask for a better dog. He's the complete package. Won't you consider adding him to your family? :-)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Benjamin Brown - Out OfTthe Ashes And Into A Home

Benjamin Brown was one of the "MO 75" GSPs, rescued from a kennel fire in MO. He was a sweet boy, a little shy and reserved, but with the love and care of his foster mom, he came around and has now settled into a new life with his new family. The story of the MO 75 can be found here:

Here's a note from his new mom:

Just wanted to give you an update on Benjamin. He is doing really well and I see him make new strides every day. I’ve also seen a rejuvenation in Beau since Ben came on the scene. Beau had not really wanted to play fetch since Jake passed away. But since Ben has been at the house, he is all over it. We’ve played fetch just about every evening and Ben would just sit in the corner pretty timid the first couple of nights, but on Tuesday he began playing with us. At first, he would just run down the deck and stand there. But we threw the ball to him and he actually caught the ball in his mouth. He wasn’t quite sure what to do with it so he ran into the yard and laid down and wouldn’t give it back. Beau was not too happy, but we were just pleased that he wanted to participate. I also bought the dogs stuffed animals to play with because Jake and Beau loved them. Ben wanted nothing to do with his so I just left it on the stairs for him to get at his leisure. On Wednesday he actually got it off the steps and took it to his bed. That caused Beau to try and get it and they began playing tug of war. Since that evening they wrestle/play each morning and evening.

His manners have substantially improved in the eating arena. He has a tall food bowl in a stand that doesn’t allow for him to knock it over. Up until yesterday he would wolf down his food and then head to Beau’s food bowl to eat push him away and eat his food. We would not allow him to do that. So, I would just stop him and start petting him. Yesterday he finished his food and came over and stood by me and didn’t even act like he was going to do that.

He is still skittish and it doesn’t always seem to be the same thing that sets him off. 98% of the time when he runs, I call him back over to me and he will come. Last night I was measuring with a metal tape measure and it snapped and he ran and hid. He would not come to me for about 30 minutes. He would go to Henry, but not me, even after I put the tape measure down. I don’t know if it was the sound or what. I feel bad for him when that happens. The good news is that he comes to us way more than he runs from us.
But we all feel that he is a great addition to our household and I wouldn’t trade him for the world. He is trying to get adjusted to our 105 degree heat, but they have pools and shade to get into. My dad is going over to let them in early today. I think that it is way too hot for them to be outside.

Ben has done a lot of cute things, but I never have my camera around when he is being the most animated. I’ve taken pictures of him doing different things. I will try to remember to bring it to work next week so that you can see his new home.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Buddy's Happy Ending

A happy ending...Buddy was a GSP in a Louisville, KY shelter. We didn't have any foster homes, so I reached out to our Eastern GSP Rescue group in NJ. They hooked him up directly with an approved adoptive home. He arrived safely, and they ADORE him! Here's what his new mom had to say:

This is one great dog. (Didn't Charlotte write something like that in her web? One Great Pig?) He is absolutely showing some flying colors here. Snuggled up BIG time for a nap, has been very affectionate with us both, not just me, and then we did a bike ride/dog run and he figured it out in 2 sec flat. Very good manners, knows sit & down, and most definitely knows NO, very careful not to forget that---and I will most definitely get some pics and send updates. He is, so far, a TOTAL PEACH.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Need Transport Help in KY (Fri or Sat July 10/11)

Ginger is a sweet, young GSP. She showed up as a stray in Franklin, KY. The shelter folks are sooooo fond of her. She's great with other dogs and people. She doesn't meet a stranger.

She's been in the shelter too long. We have been working on finding a foster home for her, and have luckily found one in IL. She will be headed to IL on Sunday the 12th for foster care, departing from the Louisville area. She MUST get from Franklin, KY to Louisville either Friday or Saturday.

The shelter volunteers can get her from Franklin to Bowling Green if necessary, but she HAS to find a ride from either Franklin or BG to Louisville area.

If you can help, please message me at

Thanks so much!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Trooper Is Nearly Ready To Roll

Trooper from KY now has NO CAST on his rear leg. He has made an amazing recovery while in the care of Denis, his foster dad in PA. He'll soon be going "home" to his new adoptive family in NJ. They can't wait to meet him! Here's the latest update from Trooper's foster dad, Denis:

Hi all –

Trooper & I paid what should be our last visit to Dr. Radcliffe yesterday. Trooper had his splint/bandage removed and the doctor continues to be pleased with his progress. He still does not use the leg all the time but we think that will come in time, it appears to be fully functional and he has no problem bearing weight on it. It may never look completely 100% but then again it may, only time will tell. Dr. Radcliffe expects him to make a complete recovery. He wants him to remain with me for another week just to be on the safe side and so “Trooper doesn’t do anything stupid”. I tried to explain that Trooper can’t hardly go 10 minutes without doing something stupid, but he said to just do the best I can ;) Dr. Radcliffe and his staff have been wonderful through this whole thing (he did not charge us for yesterday’s visit) and I would highly recommend him to anyone.

I took Trooper to a pet care/adoption fair last Saturday and he was the star of the GSP Rescue booth. He was an absolute angel and behaved like the perfect gentleman. He charmed everyone he met. He got LOTS of attention and we were delighted to have him there. We raised $50 in donations toward his care. I’ve attached a couple of pictures.

Steve Lowry called me the other night to talk about Trooper and it looks like Trooper will probably be going to his forever home the week of July 13. The Lowrys are looking forward to adopting him and it sounds like they will provide him with a loving home and a good life.

Thanks again to all who have helped to make this possible. Trooper and I appreciate your kindness and generosity.

Best regards,

Denis Kowalski

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Very Deserving Duke...

Duke a great Senior GSP who would love a family to share his love and to allow him to retire comfortably. His "mom" was opening a daycare, and didn't have time for him any longer.

Duke was hit by a car when he was 6 months old and his back lower leg had to be removed. Duke was an inside dog in his younger years but was then moved outside. We are re-introducing him to the inside and he is doing great!

Duke is a 9 year old GSP that runs around in the yard like a 3 year year old pup! He has many years of love and companionship to give to the perfect family! Duke is located in the Des Moines area.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Trooper's On The Mend...

A note from Trooper's foster:

What a difference a week makes.

Trooper and I went back to see the vet yesterday and we received some really good news. Trooper is coming along very well and Dr. Radcliffe now is very optimistic about a full recovery. X-rays show that the bone is healing well and he is even gaining muscle tone in his previously severely atrophied thigh muscle. He MAY always have a very slightly bowed lower leg but he should most likely regain full use of it. He’s already been using the leg to bear weight more and I can see his progress. He shows no signs of pain or discomfort and the wound from the pin insertion is mostly healed. He’s even gained 1 pound.

Overall Trooper is doing very well. He is happy, loving, and has the sweetest disposition you could imagine. He charms everyone that he meets. We went to a cookout on Saturday and he spent most of the afternoon either on my lap or someone else’s. Everyone was very impressed with him. he really is a great dog and I am so very happy to be able to report that his future looks bright.

Thanks to all who have helped give this special boy a second chance at a good life. Special thanks to Michelle for making this all possible and to Brian for driving him all the way from Kentucky to Pennsylvania. I will keep you updated.

Best regards,

Denis & Trooper

Friday, June 12, 2009

Out of the Ashes...and into YOUR home?

Phoenix's story...

Hi, I am Phoenix – remember me – part of the famous “Missouri 75” dogs? You can read the whole story here.

I was named after the mythical creature that also rose out of the ashes. Well, I have come a long way since the day I arrived in New Jersey. I am more confident and trusting, learned basic obedience, am crate trained and walk on a leash. I also LOVE to play with toys and other dogs, and then snuggle with my family.

I started out in foster care. Then, I got adopted by a nice family in CT. I guess you are wondering why I am here again…

While with my new family, I was diagnosed with “diabetes insipidus” – sounds scary, but it really isn’t. Basically I need to drink a lot of water, but if I take medication, I don’t. In general there’s nothing to worry about. It doesn’t affect my overall health or longevity (I am around 2 so I have lots of life to live!). I just have to drink (and pee) a lot OR take a pill. That’s it! Besides this, I am fully vetted and neutered.

Though my adoptive family loved me and has lots of praise for me, this made them change their mind about keeping me. Luckily this rescue group always takes back any dog that was in their program – so I get to live with my fun foster mom Dana again until my real FOREVER home comes along.

So here’s a little more about me. I know sit, down, stay and come, am very food motivated, have great recall, and learn quickly from both humans and dogs. My former family thinks I would be great at agility. I also seem to have a pretty strong prey drive – so who knows I may be a great candidate for hunting. I don’t pull on a leash, but sometimes I still get nervous. I just need to be continually exposed to different things.

I behave well with other dogs with no signs of alpha aggression at all. In fact, I love to play once I get to know my fellow canines. I am great with adults, but a little standoffish with kids. I have never met a cat, but once met a chinchilla! I was very interested in them. I’m also showing I do have the typical GSP prey drive. So a home with small critters might not be my best fit.

I really amuse myself playing with dog toys and especially like to hear them squeak. If allowed, I find a cozy couch on which to lie, but when told to get off, I find the nearest dog bed and curl up.

What I like most is to snuggle with someone – either with two-legs or four! I have heard it said, “I am a joy to be around!” And I want to be around you and your doggies! Won’t you please take me home and make me part your family?

For information on adopting Phoenix, please contact

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sad News re: Arkansas Pups

Trooper is on his way to a happy ending soon. This helps heal us a bit, as it was a challenging weekend. We had been working on the placement of a litter of seven GSP puppies from Arkansas. They had adopters waiting in New England. One female hopped a ride last weekend, and was already safe in CT with her new family. MA regulations require mandatory quarantine at a state-approved facility, so the pups headed for MA had to wait a few weeks until there was an opening at the holding facility.

On Friday night, we learned that a few of the pups were sick and suspected parvo. They were at a rural shelter, and they provided fluids and IV antibiotics to all the pups. By Saturday afternoon, there was only one survivor. He did not make it through the night.

When we learned they were ill, a New England volunteer phoned the CT adopters. It turned out she had vomited, had diarrhea and had refused her dinner. Her family thought perhaps it was a change in diet. She told them to get her to the vet ASAP. They rushed her in, and she too tested positive for parvo. She has been on supportive treatment throughout the weekend, and is doing well but not out of the woods yet. Her family had named her Maizy, and they visited with her in the vet hospital on Sunday. (pics attached below)

We are hopeful Maizy will make a full recovery. She will be the sole survivor from her litter. The former owner said he could not afford to vaccinate the puppies, and that it was an "accident" anyway, so he really didn't want to keep them. However, he did find the funds to take a nice family vacation to Miami. :-(

A pic of Maizy at the vet hospital with her new "mom" and human sister..

Monday, June 8, 2009

Trooper has landed... Pittsburgh, PA!

Well, today was transport day! Brian Smith, a volunteer in Lexington, KY had a business trip planned in PA, and offered to take Trooper along for the ride. I picked up Trooper and met Brian in Ashland, KY. It was a pleasure to have him in the car, if only for a short time. He’s a very special boy with a wonderful and friendly disposition. His tail never stops wagging. Denis, his foster dad in Pittsburgh, just called to say that Trooper is settling in. He is so impressed with him, and could tell right away what a lovely temperament he has. Trooper has already met some of the neighbors, the neighborhood kids, and a few doggy friends.

He’s scheduled to meet with an ortho specialist tomorrow. We’re hoping for good news!

Before he left the vet hospital, everyone was saying goodbye. They were gushing at what a nice boy he has been while in their care. The photo is Trooper in my back seat, while we drove through the car wash. I had some time to kill before meeting Brian, so I thought I’d see how Trooper reacted to the strange noise of the drive-through car wash. He was unfazed! He kept kissing me on the cheek. I guess he was thanking me for getting him out of the vet hospital!

We are hopeful that he will continue to make progress and that his leg will heal nicely. He is a great boy and I’m sure he’ll have a wonderful “new” life very soon.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Military Transfer to Germany Will Leave Two AMAZING GSPs Homeless...Please spread the word...Share

Below is a note received from a loving GSP owner. She rescued her two GSPs, as she believed she would remain in the US until retirement. She has received orders to be stationed in Germany, and feels apartment living (and transport to Germany) would be too stressful for her beloved GSPs. Information on them is below. If anyone can assist, please contact Michelle -

The dogs are located in New Mexico, but we have transported GSPs from KS to Vancouver, BC, Arizona to New England, and transport or location of the adopter should not be the primary concern. ANYTHING is possible!

Rescuers - PLEASE CROSS-POST (And please consider posting these dogs on your respective Petfinder sites...I can provide you with additional photos and a brief write-up if you would like). Pre-screened homes would be appreciated, but I will gladly do the legwork if you receive qualified inquiries.

Note from the owner...

I received orders last week for a PCS to Germany for 3 years and must depart in July—

The two German Shorthaired Pointers I rescued 2 ½ years ago are amazing and sweet dogs but are not going to be able to adjust to living in an apartment and my female will not be able to be crated for the airplane trip regardless.

With such short notice I am very worried about finding a suitable home for them. The GSP rescue I adopted them from is unable to re-place them due to being at full capacity. I have contacted 4 other GSP rescues and I fear they are in similar situations---that they are all at capacity or worse.

They are wonderful dogs and I am hoping you can help me find them new homes. 3 years is a long time and I realize that it is probably for their best interest as well as the other family’s best interest to make a permanent situation for them. When I adopted them my functional was certain that I was headed to Texas after this and then a slight shift to a new base to finish my time and retire. It seemed to be the perfect opportunity to finally adopt dogs into my home. Now I get short notice that the future is very different than anticipated and it is not conducive to my pointers.

Odin is approximately 3 or 4 years old and is a very playful (neutered) male. He likes to play with rope knotted balls and squeaky toys (hardier ones since he will destroy a stuffed animal squeaky). He prances as though he is in show and points although I do not hunt so I have no idea what he would do if given some training and allowed to “bird.” He likes to cuddle with you in the evening on the couch if allowed, but sleeps on his own dog bed at bedtime. He is very intelligent and likes his “job”—he patrols the yard and through the house and likes to “protect” by standing close to you.

Freya is a 6 or 7 year old spayed female who is a very sweet girl and I frequently call her Princess. She just wants to be nearby and after she feels assured you are going to “stay put” in a room she curls up on the floor and just watches you. She doesn’t play much but occasionally will pick up a squeaky toy and run around the yard tossing her head and squeaking the toy. When I first brought her home she escaped, climbed the fence and even would “muscle” through a radio-electric fence. Over time I tried many things and finally realized that all she was trying to do was get back into the house. (I had them outside in the yard while I was at work and when she escaped she usually just stood at the front door.) I installed a dog door and turned off the radio fence within a week. She has been perfectly happy being able to come and go between the house and yard and is a happy and well adjusted girl who also sleeps on her own bed although would jump at the chance to curl up on the foot of my bed.

They are both wonderful companions and I walk, hike and run with them. A daily walk (even if only 15 minutes) keeps them content and they are very good on the leash--I walk them on a split lead and they stay right at my side. They have been around cats and are interested but not aggressive. If there are other dogs—they do best if it is a female but overall are best as a pair of dogs rather than part of a larger pack. They are sweet and energetic without being difficult and are friendly to adults as well as children.

If there is anything you can do to assist me in finding a placement for a new home I would appreciate any help—referrals, suggestions or solutions would be welcomed. I have so much to do in so little time.

With a heavy and hopeful heart,

(Please contact Michelle Salyers, GSP Rescue and please CROSS-POST)


Sunday, May 31, 2009

Trooper's Name Suits Him Well

I had the pleasure of visiting with Trooper immediately following his surgery on Friday. The rescue vet showed me the before and after Xrays, and he feels very confident that he'll make a full recovery. He was able to insert a pin vs. a plate, so that not only lowered the cost of the procedure a bit, but it will mean a shorter recovery period. He estimates the pin can be removed in about eight weeks. Trooper's tail was wagging constantly, despite the effects of the anesthesia. He is such a friendly boy, and wanted to be petted and put his head on any available lap.

The current plan is for temporary foster care this week in Ashland, KY, thanks to a volunteer's family member. We are hoping to pull a transport together for this coming weekend to Pittsburgh, PA, where Trooper will remain until he is adopted. He already has an interested family in NJ, so we hope they will fall in love with him as we have. He's a special boy, and he's on his way to a new and wonderful life.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dottie URGENTLY Needs A Home

Dottie is a young GSP in desperate need of a foster or adoptive home. She's in a rural, KY shelter, and her time is up on Tuesday, 6/2! She is described as a sweet gal who is a little shy at first. Once she gets to know you, she'll shower you with affection. She loves to be petted and loved. She'll need adequate exercise and a fenced yard.

Temporary foster care in KY would be helpful, as we can buy some time to arrange transport for Dottie to one of our other rescue groups. There simply are not enough adoptive homes in KY, so most GSPs must be transported elsewhere for placement.

If you can help, please contact me at:

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Need Help in Arkansas, MO or Memphis, TN Area...

We are looking for temporary foster help for six GSP pups in Arkansas, MO or Memphis, TN area. They are due to be transported to MA next weekend. They were headed that way this coming weekend, but all dogs entering MA must be held in a mandatory quarantine at an approved facility. All facilities are full, and cannot accommodate the pups. So, transport is on hold. They are in an UNSAFE situation and need a place to go until transport runs again next weekend.

The pups can be split up for foster, but require secure fencing and crates. They will receive second round of shots tomorrow. They are 3.5 months old. Friendly but VERY active, of course. Foster would need to be able to meet the transport next week, at the times/places below.

They are currently in Cherokee Village, AR, and we will probably have transport assistance to get them to a foster. Resources and contacts are very limited in the area, so we are desperate for help.

The transport runs through the following cities/towns NEXT Thursday and Friday:

9:00 PM Poplar Bluff MO : the BP gas station at 67 & S Business
10:30-11:00 PM Walnut Ridge AR Bowling Alley

7:30 AM Friday Cracker Barrel, 3101 Springhill Drive, N Little Rock, AR
10:30 -11:00 AM Memphis TN exit 20 off Rt. 40E Canada Road (take a right, fireworks store parking lot)

Contact Michelle Salyers – if you can assist.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Adorable Adoptable - Max

Max is a 7 month old, 48# solid liver GSP that was surrendered from his family. They did not realize the time and energy a GSP needs. Max's foster folks say, "Max is a real keeper! Someone is going to get a phenominal GSP!" Max has been to basic obedience training and really knows his stuff! As with any young boy, he will benefit from continued training. He loves to play fetch and retrieve, is calm in the house and doesn't have 'accidents.' He sleeps in his crate quietly at night. What more could you ask for? We will give preference to a home with a fenced yard, commitment to training, and experience with GSPs.
Max is up-to-date with routine shots and neutered.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Arkansas Pups

Pics of the seven Arkansas pups we are rescuing. They are a result of an accidental breeding between two GSPs. Family lives in busy road, and mama dog was killed last Friday after being struck by a car. :-(

The puppies will find new homes in Connecticut and Massachusetts. They will be transported by the lovely folks at AlphaDog Transport

It will be a long trip from Arkansas to Massachusetts, but once in MA, the pups will be spayed/neutered, then will be going to their new families. All of them already have homes lined up for them. Their new moms and dads can't wait to meet them! :-)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Trooper's Chance

Sweet little Trooper the German Shorthaired Pointer was found running around the roads in Ashland, KY. When he arrived at the shelter, it was discovered that his rear right leg was broken. Thankfully, the folks at the Ashland Animal Rescue Fund were there to help. They immediately sent pain medication to the shelter, and within a few days, had him at the vet for an Xray. The vet determined it was an old break, that had never been set. Poor thing has been hobbling on a broken leg for who knows how long. :-(

The vet says the leg is still viable, and he can re-break it, set and repair the leg. With some rest and time to recover, Trooper should be as good as new! He is a young boy with a heart of gold. He loves to cuddle and be close. How anyone could look at that face and allow him to suffer is a mystery.

The vet estimates approximately $1500 - $1600 for all procedures, Xrays, follow-up care, pain management, etc.

We need your help! Let's give Trooper the chance to walk and run without pain or discomfort. A chance his former owner did not give him. Donate here:

The Ashland Animal Rescue Fund, in cooperation with GSP Rescue, will be trying to locate a quiet foster home for Trooper, as he'll need to take it easy for a while. If you have a spot in your heart and home for a special boy like trooper, please e-mail Amy at: or Michelle at:

Monday, May 11, 2009

Fight Fleas the Natural Way

This is by far one of the best natural flea sprays I have tried. Spray it on your pet prior to their trip outside. It has a non-offensive odor, and will repel fleas (and quite often, ticks). I use it on all five of my dogs, and also on my foster dogs. Works great!

Kathy Santo, the creator, also offers all natural de-stress drops, anti-chewing spray, anti-nausea drops, and dog wipes for in-between bath time. Awesome all natural products!

Friday, May 1, 2009

New Pet Airline

Here's to hoping they will offer a discount to rescue groups, to help more pets find their way to new homes.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tough Economic Times Force Surrender of Family Pets

Peanut is a German Shorthaired Pointer in need of a home. Her family surrendered her and her companion, Ranger, as they could no longer afford their care. The shelter would like to place them together. At this time, we do not have an open foster home in rescue for the two of them. If you can help by fostering, please contact me at If you are interested in adoption, please contact the shelter at

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Natural Flea and Tick Products

If you are looking for an alternative to pesticide treatments, this is a good resource. I never use pesticide treatments on older dogs, as they spend less time outdoors, and, I fear there may be complications with the stronger, pesticide-based spot treatments. You can also feed garlic tablets, based on weight, to help control the fleas and ticks from the "inside out" as the garlic is released through the skin, the dog becomes less attractive to fleas and ticks.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Updates on Missouri 75

I am posting multiple updates per week, as well as new photos and foster stories here:

Friday, March 6, 2009

The "Missouri 75"

River Valley Kennels, Ozark County, Missouri was an unlicensed breeding operation. The owner had been investigated in the past, and was fined for operating without a license. The kennel had NEVER passed a state inspection. The Department of Agriculture began investigating the kennels in September 2008, when animal abuse and neglect was suspected.

At that time, the owner surrendered 50 dogs to the Dept. of Agriculture, and was fined. He was given until January 31 to obtain a license and pass an inspection without violations.

Said to be distraught over the recent separation from his wife, financial difficulties, and the prospect of losing his animals, the owner allegedly set fire to his property on February 24. Some of the animals were critically wounded, and sent for specialty care in the state of MO.

The remaining 200 animals - English Springer Spaniels, Boxers, German Shorthaired Pointers and various mixed breed dogs, were all transported to rescue groups for rehabilitation and medical care. Midwest PAWS, a licensed MO rescue group that focuses on GSPs, Pointers and Weims, decided to take on the care of all of the GSPs from the confiscation. The group’s rescue vet donated a large kennel space to the group, as well as an adjacent building (and a large fenced yard).

The first round of GSPs arrived on Friday, Feb. 27, with the second group arriving on Saturday. The dogs were in need of complete veterinary work-ups, treatment for burns, stitches for open wounds, spay/neuter, treatment for tick infestation, vaccinations, de-worming, etc. If you’d like to make a donation to help provide care for these GSPs, please visit

The GSPCA National Rescue is offering financial assistance, as well as foster homes to help these dogs find their way to a brighter future.

Note: The owner of River Valley Kennels is currently incarcerated in MO, facing felony arson charges. Additional charges may follow.

If you are an experienced foster home, GSP Rescue volunteer, or an experienced sporting dog owner, and are interested in fostering one of the “Missouri 75” please contact Michelle Salyers at

Saturday, January 3, 2009