Thursday, August 27, 2009

Rest In Peace, Sweet Odin...

Today, we had to say goodbye to dear Odin, a male recently transported from NM to Maine, due to his "mom's" military transfer. Many of you may remember his story (placed with "sister" Freya...details at link below). Odin had severe chronic Ehrlichia, which had gone undetected and untreated. Unfortunately, he had severe joint pain as a result, and was in kidney failure. (Link to the original post:

His amazing foster dad, Todd Chrisman (and his foster mom, Dr. Amanda) were at his side as he crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Odin was so young...too young to leave this world. He had so much more love to give. I am so thankful for Todd and Dr. Amanda for caring for Odin and Freya over these last few weeks. They will see Freya through yet another (most difficult) adjustment. Hopefully soon, she'll be on her way to a forever home, where she'll meet another doggy companion to fill Odin's shoes. She so adored Odin...

Please folks, have your dogs tested for ALL tick-borne illnesses. If caught early, they can be treated, usually quite successfully. If left untreated, there is little hope. Please ask your vet to perform the SNAP 3Dx Test, to diagnose tick-borne illness in your dog...before it's too late.

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