Monday, January 4, 2010

Neglect...In A "Nice" Neighborhood

Cocoa's suffering has ended...he's now on the road to recovery and a new life. Here's how it all started...

Cocoa was "owned" by a family in MD. They had a large yard, but he lived in a small kennel in the back yard. His "mom" teaches piano lessons in her home, and the mother of one of her students had often noticed poor Cocoa, living all alone in the tiny kennel in the yard. One day, she noticed he wasn't getting up. It was cold and damp, and he was lying on the ground. She got closer, only to find Cocoa's leg looked injured, and it was clear he could not stand up. He was lying in his own feces.

She promptly returned home and called the local Humane Society. She thought for certain they would see the conditions and remove Cocoa from the situation.

When she returned to the house for the next piano lesson, Cocoa was STILL there, his leg was STILL injured. So, she questioned the owner/piano teacher about the dog. The owner said that Cocoa had been hit by a car a few weeks earlier. They had taken him to the vet, and the vet recommended amputation as the only option for the leg. He was in pain, and they should act quickly. They returned home with Cocoa, but NEVER went back to the vet. He remained outside in the cold, injured and in pain for over TWO WEEKS! The owner said they really just wanted to "get rid of him" because they didn't want to pay for the surgery.

So, SHE took Cocoa home and contacted rescue. She recounted the story of his living conditions and his pain and suffering. She offered to foster him until he finds a forever home. Time was of the essence, as Cocoa had to have surgery right away. He is warm, dry, safe and COMFORTABLE, thanks to her kind heart and determination!

Cocoa's surgical costs were $2500. We anticipate follow-up care will add to this total. We are attempting to raise a portion of this amount through this online fundraiser. Even the smallest donation will help us reach our goal.