Thursday, August 27, 2009

Rest In Peace, Sweet Odin...

Today, we had to say goodbye to dear Odin, a male recently transported from NM to Maine, due to his "mom's" military transfer. Many of you may remember his story (placed with "sister" Freya...details at link below). Odin had severe chronic Ehrlichia, which had gone undetected and untreated. Unfortunately, he had severe joint pain as a result, and was in kidney failure. (Link to the original post:

His amazing foster dad, Todd Chrisman (and his foster mom, Dr. Amanda) were at his side as he crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Odin was so young...too young to leave this world. He had so much more love to give. I am so thankful for Todd and Dr. Amanda for caring for Odin and Freya over these last few weeks. They will see Freya through yet another (most difficult) adjustment. Hopefully soon, she'll be on her way to a forever home, where she'll meet another doggy companion to fill Odin's shoes. She so adored Odin...

Please folks, have your dogs tested for ALL tick-borne illnesses. If caught early, they can be treated, usually quite successfully. If left untreated, there is little hope. Please ask your vet to perform the SNAP 3Dx Test, to diagnose tick-borne illness in your dog...before it's too late.

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Two Midwest Boys in DESPERATE Need!

I have just learned of two, mature, WONDERFUL male GSPs in need in the Midwest. The local rescue is full to BEYOND CAPACITY, so they simply cannot get thest guys out of the shelter.

Ranger (left photo) is a gentle boy, five years old. He was turned in by his owners because he was jumping their fence. He is a great guy, and would probably be fine with a 6ft fence (owners had 4ft), or invisible fence. I am told he prefers a home with older children. He would be a wonderful walking or hiking companion for an active family. Five years is YOUNG by GSP standards, so he'd be a FABULOUS exercise partner. Ranger is in Wichita, KS.

If you can provide a foster or adoptive home for Ranger, please contact:

Erica Davis
Shelter Operations Assistant & Rescue Coordinator

Office Hours: Mon-Fri 7:00am-4:00pm
Phone: 316-220-8714
edavis@kshumane. org

Jack (right photo) is an awesome boy! He is seven years young, active and very friendly. He was surrendered to a MO shelter due to financial strain on his family. They simply could not afford to keep Jack and his companion dog, so they both arrived together. She was adopted, leaving poor Jack all alone without his family OR his companion. He's so lonely, and just wants a family to call his own again. Won't you consider making room at your feet (or the end of your sofa) for Jack?

If you can offer a foster or adoptive home for Jack, please contact:

Jennifer Shive
Halfway Home Pet Adoptions
Adoption Coordinator
4400 Raytown Rd,
Kansas City, MO 64133

Saturday, August 8, 2009

In Memory of Keira

I received a note today from a former adopter. In my early days of rescue, I was living in Massachusetts. I met Joan, a wonderful, loving woman, willing to open her heart and home to two GSPs in desperate need. They had only hours left to live in a NY shelter, and we arranged (very quickly) transport to Massachusetts. Joan fostered one of the girls, and adopted the other (Ceilidh). Joan and I had a special bond from our first phone conversation. She has always been one of "those people" you never forget, and one you love the minute you meet her.

Last summer, Joan adopted an English Pointer that was terminally ill. She gave her a year of love, warmth, play time and plenty of attention. She lost her girl recently, and shared her story with me. Joan's note and Keira's story are below.


We had to say good-bye to Keira (story below). We were in the process of adopting her when your beloved Pete passed away. I was going to write you about Keira and tell you that Pete's reach and influence was wider than you may have imagined. Our Keira got 14 months of care, attention, and love because you adopted Pete, met me, helped me adopt Ceilidh and then Abby (now Kila). Along the way, I fostered a dog named Darcy and her "new" mom has adopted another GSP and helps transport for GSP Rescue. I'll bet this chain is just the tip of Pete's influence!!!

Ceilidh is still going strong - although very deaf and vision impaired. She is sooo, sooo, sooo very special to me that I cannot begin to tell you.

Please think of us from time to time and know that Pete - and you - have enriched my life so much.


Keira's Story

Keira, our beloved English Pointer, was found wandering with two GSPs in a game reserve in Massachusetts by the town animal control officer. The three wilderness companions were taken to a kennel because the town has no town kennel. The owner got paid for boarding until the ACO was satisfied that the owners could not be found. At that time the kennel owner became the owner.

GSP Rescue of NE took control of the two GSPs and set about to find foster homes for them.

There was no English Pointer Rescue on the East Coast to help her, so Keira’s life might have ended at this point, except for her wonderful personality. Because she was so sweet, the kennel owner tried to keep her until a new home could be found, but she had a very large tumor on her belly and was believed to be 10 years old (or more). No home could be found. Then one of the kennel workers who was charmed by Keira worked at a reduced rate of pay to fund Keira’s board.

At about this time, Suzanne, a volunteer from GSP rescue who came to the kennel to exercise the GSPs, got to know Keira, named her “Little Lady” and started taking her for walks as well as the GSPs. Suzanne relayed Little Lady’s plight to GSP Rescue of NE’s management and we were made aware of her situation.

On June 10th of 2008, I drove from Northern Maine to Southern Maine to pick Little Lady up and bring her to her forever home with us. We named her Keira. Our vet helped us find a great veterinary surgeon in Bangor who removed her tumor. After she recuperated, we took her to our summer home in Nova Scotia where she spent the last year happily walking with us chasing butterflies, shore birds and, in the cold weather, tennis balls. She continued to win the hearts of everyone who met her. However, even all her kindness, love and good humor could not protect her from the cancer within and she succumbed last Thursday.

She brightened our lives and warmed our hearts and we are grateful for knowing her and to all those who helped her and us.

Joan & Lloyd