Sunday, October 25, 2009

Peggy's Senior Success Story

Peggy's story, as told by her loving foster mom, Tammy Regenthal...Peggy is an approximately 12yr old female that was surrendered to an upstate NY shelter along with two other senior GSPs. Volunteers from the Eastern GSP Rescue Group pulled Peggy from the shelter in May 2009 and had her evaluated by a veterinarian. It was apparent Peggy was not well cared for and was diagnosed with lyme disease, hookworm and had a large, ulcerated, tumor on her on her hind leg approximately the size of a large egg.

Upon evaluation, the vet was almost certain the tumor was malignant and her foster family prepared themselves for the worst and decided they would provide her the best life they could no matter how long this old gal had left. The rescue group opted to use their proceeds to have the tumor removed and biopsied to enhance this girls quality of life! Upon removal, the tumor was deemed benign and in the following months Peggy made a full recovery. (Pic of Peggy's tumor is to the right...)

It was astounding to watch Peggy through her recovery and the removal of the tumor opened new doors for her. At one point in her life peggy had difficulty doing the most routine tasks such as walking, laying down and going up and downstairs now thanks to the efforts of the rescue group and her foster family she was jogging, swimming, camping, hiking etc. and she was experiencing many new things life had to offer!

I am proud to annouce Peggy found her 'forever home' on September 5, 2009 in Marlton, NJ with a loving family who has two other 4-legged companions and in just a matter of days Peggy was adjusted to her new home. She is doing amazing and for an old gal we have been told she has a lot of 'spunk'!

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