Friday, October 9, 2009

Chaz's Chance

Hi, my name is Chaz. At least that is what I go by now. I got lost from my people (they didn't put a tag on my collar, guess they were too busy with other stuff to make sure I stayed safe...) and they never came looking for me. Guess they were too busy for that, too. But don't be sad for me, cuz I am safe now. Apparently the shelter folks thought I was pretty special, cuz they called some folks, who called some other folks, who drove a long way to make sure I got to come to rescue. I am sure glad they weren't too busy to help me.

I am about 5 years old (that's what the rescue people think) and am a stocky guy at about 50 lbs. I am in good shape, but just heavy-boned and short. I think I am very handsome, and my foster mom agrees. I am done with all of that puppy foolishness that younger GSP's have, and I slept in a crate nicely the first night I was in my foster home. My foster mom is still learning about me, and she will help me write more once she knows more about me.

I am good with other dogs and I am a quiet, laid back boy. I like to be petted and do pretty good on a leash (my foster mom just doesn't walk fast enough, that's all...). I think I have lived in a house before, and my foster mom talked about giving me increased freedom in the house. Until next time....Chaz (Written by Chaz's foster mom, Stacy. If you are interested in more information on Chaz, please e-mail Stacy at:

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