Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Totally Terrific Thomas

Hey folks, my name is Thomas and I'm the happiest GSP boy this side of the Mississippi!! I am very lucky to be alive, as I found myself in a shelter in the country. A lot of rescue people wanted me to have a chance to be a young spotty dog, so they worked together to help me and another GSP boy get a ride to foster care.

When the rescue lady went to the shelter to tell them she was going to help me, the shelter people started crying. You see, I had been at the shelter place for a while, longer than any other dog there, and still no one wanted a happy boy like me. The shelter people didn't understand it either, but they were going to have to make me go to sleep. The day before the rescue lady came they were going to make me go to sleep, but something told them to wait...and then the rescue lady came and I was safe!! The shelter people were really happy, cuz they liked me a lot.

I am almost a year old, and my foster mom says I go, go, go! I am just doing what young GSP boys do...PLAY! I really like to wrestle with my buddies here, and don't mind even that one of my friends is really big.

I am really trying hard to learn from my foster mom (she is really smart). I am very sweet and want to be by your side all the time, except when I am playing, of course...

I think cats are fun to chase, so I need to go live where there aren't any kitties. I like to run with my foster mom on-leash--she is training for something called a mary-thon, and she says I could probably win one...

Email for an application to adopt me. I'm being fostered in Arkansas, but I can hitch a ride to almost anywhere to be united with my forever family.

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