Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cody...In Search Of...A Soft Bed And Someone To Snuggle With

Hi, my name is Cody. Please excuse me, I'm a little confused. I used to live with someone, but I got lost or maybe they didn't want me anymore so they just turned me loose. They cared enough to neuter me, but didn't care enough to keep me or to find a home for me. Lucky for me, a kind person found me and let me stay with her and her family. She was sure that my folks would be looking for me. They weren't. She was really nice to me--she let me sleep on the couch in the daytime and I had a warm bed to sleep in at night. I even got along with a small dog that lived there. I wanted to chase the cat, though. I probably should not do that, but I'm a bird dog, ok?

So, I got all settled in at this house, and then one day I go on a road trip. I was kinda scared, cuz I didn't know what was going on. Well, there was nothing to be scared about, cuz I was going to GSP Rescue! I am now in a foster home with other GSP's just like me--they have had bad luck but we are safe now and looking for homes. My foster mom thinks I am handsome, sweet, and a good buddy. I am about 7 years old or so. All that means is that I am not super silly like one of my foster brothers. I like to have my ears scratched and I give good hugs.

I am not quite sure about this thing called a crate. I cried the first night I was in my foster home cuz I wanted to be close to my foster mom. She understands that sometimes spotty dogs are so loving and attached to their people that they can't bear to be away from them.. Other than not liking crates, I am perfect! I like other dogs and know not to potty in the house. I point birds in the yard, but am afraid of loud noises, so I don't think I would like to go hunting. I would, however, like to be your bestest friend forever, so email my foster mom at and tell her you want to adopt me!

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