Sunday, May 17, 2009

Trooper's Chance

Sweet little Trooper the German Shorthaired Pointer was found running around the roads in Ashland, KY. When he arrived at the shelter, it was discovered that his rear right leg was broken. Thankfully, the folks at the Ashland Animal Rescue Fund were there to help. They immediately sent pain medication to the shelter, and within a few days, had him at the vet for an Xray. The vet determined it was an old break, that had never been set. Poor thing has been hobbling on a broken leg for who knows how long. :-(

The vet says the leg is still viable, and he can re-break it, set and repair the leg. With some rest and time to recover, Trooper should be as good as new! He is a young boy with a heart of gold. He loves to cuddle and be close. How anyone could look at that face and allow him to suffer is a mystery.

The vet estimates approximately $1500 - $1600 for all procedures, Xrays, follow-up care, pain management, etc.

We need your help! Let's give Trooper the chance to walk and run without pain or discomfort. A chance his former owner did not give him. Donate here:

The Ashland Animal Rescue Fund, in cooperation with GSP Rescue, will be trying to locate a quiet foster home for Trooper, as he'll need to take it easy for a while. If you have a spot in your heart and home for a special boy like trooper, please e-mail Amy at: or Michelle at:

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