Sunday, May 31, 2009

Trooper's Name Suits Him Well

I had the pleasure of visiting with Trooper immediately following his surgery on Friday. The rescue vet showed me the before and after Xrays, and he feels very confident that he'll make a full recovery. He was able to insert a pin vs. a plate, so that not only lowered the cost of the procedure a bit, but it will mean a shorter recovery period. He estimates the pin can be removed in about eight weeks. Trooper's tail was wagging constantly, despite the effects of the anesthesia. He is such a friendly boy, and wanted to be petted and put his head on any available lap.

The current plan is for temporary foster care this week in Ashland, KY, thanks to a volunteer's family member. We are hoping to pull a transport together for this coming weekend to Pittsburgh, PA, where Trooper will remain until he is adopted. He already has an interested family in NJ, so we hope they will fall in love with him as we have. He's a special boy, and he's on his way to a new and wonderful life.

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