Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Buddy's Happy Ending

A happy ending...Buddy was a GSP in a Louisville, KY shelter. We didn't have any foster homes, so I reached out to our Eastern GSP Rescue group in NJ. They hooked him up directly with an approved adoptive home. He arrived safely, and they ADORE him! Here's what his new mom had to say:

This is one great dog. (Didn't Charlotte write something like that in her web? One Great Pig?) He is absolutely showing some flying colors here. Snuggled up BIG time for a nap, has been very affectionate with us both, not just me, and then we did a bike ride/dog run and he figured it out in 2 sec flat. Very good manners, knows sit & down, and most definitely knows NO, very careful not to forget that---and I will most definitely get some pics and send updates. He is, so far, a TOTAL PEACH.

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