Friday, July 3, 2009

Trooper Is Nearly Ready To Roll

Trooper from KY now has NO CAST on his rear leg. He has made an amazing recovery while in the care of Denis, his foster dad in PA. He'll soon be going "home" to his new adoptive family in NJ. They can't wait to meet him! Here's the latest update from Trooper's foster dad, Denis:

Hi all –

Trooper & I paid what should be our last visit to Dr. Radcliffe yesterday. Trooper had his splint/bandage removed and the doctor continues to be pleased with his progress. He still does not use the leg all the time but we think that will come in time, it appears to be fully functional and he has no problem bearing weight on it. It may never look completely 100% but then again it may, only time will tell. Dr. Radcliffe expects him to make a complete recovery. He wants him to remain with me for another week just to be on the safe side and so “Trooper doesn’t do anything stupid”. I tried to explain that Trooper can’t hardly go 10 minutes without doing something stupid, but he said to just do the best I can ;) Dr. Radcliffe and his staff have been wonderful through this whole thing (he did not charge us for yesterday’s visit) and I would highly recommend him to anyone.

I took Trooper to a pet care/adoption fair last Saturday and he was the star of the GSP Rescue booth. He was an absolute angel and behaved like the perfect gentleman. He charmed everyone he met. He got LOTS of attention and we were delighted to have him there. We raised $50 in donations toward his care. I’ve attached a couple of pictures.

Steve Lowry called me the other night to talk about Trooper and it looks like Trooper will probably be going to his forever home the week of July 13. The Lowrys are looking forward to adopting him and it sounds like they will provide him with a loving home and a good life.

Thanks again to all who have helped to make this possible. Trooper and I appreciate your kindness and generosity.

Best regards,

Denis Kowalski

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