Thursday, June 16, 2011

Now I Know I Have Heard It ALL!

After nearly ten years rescue as a rescue volunteer, I am relatively unfazed by the many reasons (aka excuses) people part with (aka dump) their pets. I have heard many things through the years, such as, "I'm getting new hardwood floors and I don't want his nails to scratch them." "I'm retiring and want to travel." "My new wife isn't a dog person." "I had a baby and I can't make time for the dog too." "He doesn't hunt, so we got a new puppy instead." And the list goes on...

Just when I thought I had heard it all...along comes Izzy. Miss Izzy is a young girl, she'll turn two years old in July. Seems Izzy lived in a home of some financial means (beautiful neighborhood, well-manicured lawns, new homes, quiet street, etc.). Izzy's family had an older Weimaraner, and four children. One of the children was special needs. They purchased Izzy as a puppy, and they were told she was a Weimaraner. Well, she is solid liver (and Weim's don't come in liver), so it's obvious they were duped by the so-called breeder.

We all know that GSPs have a need to run, and run hard. They must receive training and structure in order to thrive. They need direction, they need exercise, and in a suburban setting, they need FENCING! Izzy had none of the above. She was a typical active youngster, bored without stimulation, with a need to burn off energy. So, she decided it was great fun to chase children on bikes as they passed her house. I can just hear Izzy now, "Oohh, they ride so fast, and their little feet go round and round. Looks like a toy to me! What fun!!!" Izzy would grab at the childrens' ankles as they rode past. She did this over and over again. She didn't BITE anyone. She didn't even hurt anyone. She was just a bit of a nuisance in the neighborhood. I gather the other parents were complaining.

So, Izzy's family took her to the vet. They asked if he could pull her teeth. (Yes, you read that correctly, I did say "pull her teeth".) The vet refused. The family returned home, unsure about what to do next. Izzy was great with their children, even their special needs child who lacked mobility. She was a great family pet, but they just couldn't figure out how to keep her in the yard. I guess they never heard of this thing called a fence. But maybe they don't have fences where she came from. It's possible, right?

The family obviously made little effort to manage Izzy's behavior. I do understand that with four children (one being special needs) that the mom's time would be limited. I guess I would ask them why they purchased Izzy in the first place, if they didn't have time to train her, nor the means to contain her? But, that's neither here nor there. The point is, she was their responsibility, and they were falling down on the job. When Izzy continued to chase the bicycles, they made another call to their vet. This time, it was "THE" call, if you know what I mean. They made an appointment to have her euthanized. Since the vet refused to pull her teeth, what else could they do, right?

Thankfully, one of the family's neighbor's overheard her "mom" speaking about Izzy. She said "Izzy is going to meet her maker." The neighbor approached her and asked for clarification. She told her it would be a shame to see that happen, since Izzy is so young. She called her friend who runs an all-breed rescue group in the area. She asked her if she could help Izzy. She agreed. She thought she was a Weimaraner, and thought perhaps she could find her a home quickly, or ask Weimaraner rescue for assistance. She picked Izzy up, and thought it strange that she was dark brown in color. She posted a photo on Facebook, I was tagged, and the rest is history. We knew she was a GSP, and we were determined to help.

Izzy had to remain with her rescuer for a few weeks while we worked out transportation to her foster home. Her temporary foster mom said she was an angel. She loved all of the other dogs, no issues with food, toys, etc. She even got along with the cats. They didn't have to crate her when they went to work. Izzy was the perfect house guest. She loved to snuggle and was incredibly affectionate. Her temporary foster mom was heading to NC for vacation, as was her intended GSP Rescue foster family. It turned out they were heading to NC during the same week, and were staying not too far from one another. So, they agreed to meet in NC over the weekend. Izzy left her temporary foster family to join her new foster family while on vacation! Now, that's a rescue transport for you!

Izzy is doing well, enjoying the sun on the deck. She doesn't seem too fond of the pool or ocean, but hey, not all dogs love the water. Her foster mom fell ill, and was in bed for two days as a result (and even had to go to the ER). Izzy rarely left her side. She snuggled up in the bed next to her, aware she needed her. Izzy had only known her foster mom for 24 hours when she got sick. She just KNEW she had a job to do. Now, does this sound like a dog that should have been euthanized for chasing bicycles? I don't think so.

Izzy will soon be available for adoption. You can find more information about Izzy by visiting


Unknown said...

Wow, I hadn't heard her whole story. I'm so glad everything has fallen into place for her since leaving her former home. She's stunning and sounds like a perfect little girl! Good luck Izzy!!

CB said...

Izzy was adopted by her new foster mom and dad who instantly fell in love with her. She has three fur siblings and four human siblings and is a perfect angel. She is never going to have to worry again someone making "the call".

CB said...

Izzy was adopted by her foster mom and dad and now has three canine siblings and four human ones, never again will she have to worry about someone making "the call". She is a love and very adored member of our family.