Friday, March 19, 2010

Heartworm Hits HARD

What a year...and it's only mid-March! So far in 2010, Mid-Atlantic GSP Rescue has taken in five GSPs that tested heartworm positive. All are undergoing or preparing to undergo treatment. Of course, their treatment costs are in addition to their general vetting needs (vaccinations,spay/neuter, etc.) and a few of them have presented with additional issues.

An example is poor Margo from KY (photo above). She arrived not just with heartworm, but mammary tumors AND sarcoptic mange! The vet decided to remove the tumors first and perform spay surgery, then wait for a period of time before starting heartworm treatment. She began the regimen this week. The vet says it appears she was born with heartworm, likely passed from her mother to her at birth. Margo is the sweetest, gentlest girl you'll ever meet. She's in great hands with her foster parents, and they are lovingly seeing her through her treatment and recovery.

Then there is Ruger (photo below). He's an older gentleman (est. 7-10). His mom passed away and his dad was placed in a nursing home. The extended family didn't want him, so they took him to a shelter. The shelter is incredibly overcrowded, and most dogs only have a few days to live. The staff thought he was amazing, so they just HAD to find rescue for him. He is heartworm positive and has an crooked leg.The vet says it is an old break that wasn't set. But, it doesn't cause him any pain whatsoever. He is a wonderful boy with a gentle spirit. He deserves a chance!

Margo and Ruger are just two of the five 2010 heartworm cases. They all have special stories, and all five are wonderful GSPs, just waiting for the"all clear" so they can begin a new life with a family to call their own.

We know this may continue to be a tough year, and realize there are likely many more heartworm positive dogs yet to come. Many rescues have to turn such dogs away due to the financial burden of caring for heartworm and all of the routine expenses combined. We don't want to have to turn our backs on these deserving dogs. They NEED us to help them heal and see them through to their happily ever after.

Your donation is tax-deductible. You will receive a receipt from Mid-Atlantic GSP Rescue for your donation amount. Every little bit helps. We are fighting the heartworm battle, and with your help, we can WIN!

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