Thursday, March 11, 2010

Duke's VERY Happy Ending...

Last year, I posted information about Duke, a senior GSP in Iowa. ( His "mom" was opening a daycare business, and she no longer had time for him. Not that she had spent much time with him anyway. :-( He entered foster care through Great Plains Pointer Rescue ( and many months later, was adopted by a loving family in Georgia. His foster mother made a beautiful video for his new family, in advance of their flying from Georgia to Iowa to pick Duke up. Here's a wonderful write-up from his foster mom, followed by a link to the BEAUTIFUL video she made for Duke...

Duke was going to be surrendered to the local shelter where he surely would have been PTS. A volunteer from the shelter contacted us in regards to a senior 3 legged boy that needed help. Fortunately, my foster was going on a home visit the next day and if all went well, Duke would come to me. Duke's family could no longer keep him because the state threatened to shut down her daycare if they didn't get rid of the outside dogs.

I drove almost 3 hours one way to pick him up. I walked up to the kennel and he barked at me but his nubb wouldn't stop moving! :) The woman signed the surrender documents, handed me the food, and watched me put him in my car. She turned around said good-bye to me and not even a word to Duke...she didn't even pet him.

The ride home was pretty stinky. :) We hit up the walk-in vet clinic to get all of his shots, HW test, and a good once over. Duke kept wanting to go look at the cats! :) The vet treated a nasty gash on his hind foot. It was from him struggling to get into the small opening of his outdoor kennel.

The minute we got home, I got him in the shower. The water ran brown for what seemed like forever. I washed him 3 times...and each time more dirt would come off. His collar peeled off of his did clumps of his embedded hair! :(

Duke slept for hours upon hours those first few days. THEN once he figured out we had squirrels in the backyard that was the only place he wanted to be! :)

His wounds healed. His heart was full again. His legs were strong enough to take long walks again. The video that I made was for his new family in Georgia! :) They flew up to Des Moines on a Friday night, came to my house the following morning and spent over 3 hours with all of us. :) Duke's 10th birthday was on the day they picked him up!! (Dec. 12th, 2009). VIEW THE VIDEO!!!

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